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Yoshida and More

Some of the first clips I stumbled upon when looking up shamisen on youtube a couple of years ago and they are still great :)


Monsters of Shamisen

Cool story about the band on the RocketNews24 Japan stories site.



Yumiko Tanaka

Some words about shamisen and some far out experimental playing options at the end :)

Yumiko Tanaka is on facebook and several other clips can be found on youtube.


Monsters of Shamisen: New music for an old instrument 【J-Tunes】

When it comes to Japanese music, one of the most iconic sounds is that of the tsugaru-jamisen. We’ve written about musicians playing the folk instrument before, but today we have a group with a traditional, but decidedly unique, approach: the three-man group… 820 more words



Kyle Abbott and Aki Takahashi including Kizuna in a practice session.

Kizuna is a very good tune . . . Give the search function a try for two other versions already featured on this weblog :) 7 more words