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Wash Day Wednesday- My Regimen in Process

I really can’t tell you that I follow this really strict regimen, because I don’t. I go with the flow of my hair and what it needs I give to it. 319 more words

Correct way of shampooing.

Every girl wants Shiny, voluminous and bouncy locks.

Today I am going to share, The correct way of  shampooing your hair. Some of you must be wondering how can something so simple has a “correct way”. 193 more words


How to Shampoo Natural Hair and Dreadlocks

Now you have this natural thing going on and not too sure how to shampoo your hair properly, or maybe you recently have dreadlocks or had them for a while but still a bit unsure.   1,168 more words

Natural Hair

Hair Color gone wrong?? Fix it up


Got your hair colored and not happy with the outcome. I always thought its not possible to get rid of the color and the only solution is to wait and wait for the hair to grow until i came across this article. 98 more words

A nos cheveux

Aujourd’hui j’ai décidé d’écrire sur un sujet qui nous prend bien souvent la tete : nos cheveux !

Après une après-midi à la recherche d’un cadeau d’anniversaire pour une amie je me suis décidée à entrer chez Lush, marque qu’elle adore mais dont je ne connais rien. 323 more words


Cela fait longtemps !

Je suis désolé d’avoir été absent de la toile pendant si longtemps. Pendant ces six mois j’ai essayé l’expérience Sebum Only. Mes cheveux étaient en bonne condition, pas gras, brillants. 1,311 more words


Long time no see !

I must apologize for being absent of the net for so long. During six months I tried the Sebum Only experience. My hair was nice, not greasy, shiny, I could not complain and I made my point : you do not need to wash your hair, you just need to comb them and once to remove the dirt. 1,093 more words

Sebum Only