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Shan's Weekend Hit List! (08.22.14)

Here are my top picks on what’s going on this weekend!

1. 2014 Adobo Filipino Food and Music Festival! | - Sat. and Sun. Aug. 22nd and 23rd – … 251 more words


$han's Whatchu Doin' At The Courthouse! (08.18.14)

Shan heads back to the courthouse to talk about Top Ramen, running red lights, and Treasure Island!

Click here to download (Right-click on the link & select “Save-As”) 24 more words


Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (08.18.14)

On today’s show: Oprah accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge, Jennifer Lawrence may have swooped on a much older man, and find out why the New York Jets use Tinder for love! 288 more words



I’ve decided that it’s finally time to come back. I’ve been gone for so long from this beautiful world of writing and I desperately miss it (that, and it’s the only thing that really keeps me sane). 344 more words

Things To Think About

Enjoy some Shan cuisine with a side order of caterpillars at Tokyo’s Nong Inlay restaurant

Recent studies have been suggesting that the human race would be far better off adopting an insect diet in order to preserve the environment. However, anytime we see a culture who partakes in edible insects they always look incredibly unappetizing. 931 more words


Shan's Weekend Hit List Feat. Becky G! (08.15.14)

Becky G joins Shan cuz this Weekend’s Hit List is ALL about Summer Splash! When you buy a ticket it gets you into California’s Great America all day, gets you on all the rides, plus the concert with Becky G, Cher Lloyd, Magic, Kalin and Myles, and more! 91 more words


Painting a Picture

Let me paint a picture for you of Monday night:

I currently live in Saint Louis. If you have been living under a rock for the last couple of days, or if, like our city, your news has not been sufficiently covering the events of the last couple of days, I will break down what that means right now. 780 more words

Things To Think About