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How to add pincodes in magento? does it need any extension packs?

This question may seems like out of the rules, But need assitance from experts.

Im not an experienced Magento – developer, So we had signed an agreement with another developer for our new E-commerce website, … 99 more words

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#BURMA #MYANMAR #Government #ARMY and #RCSS/SSA #Resume #Fighting

Government forces and Restoration Council of Shan State/Shan State Army (RCSS/SSA) forces clashed in Mongpan Township, Linkhe Province, Southern Shan State on the morning of 14th December according to Mongpan residents. 298 more words


Shan and Dora

Everytime we go to our favorite little spot at Kanawha State Forest, my husband takes a picture of myself and my sweet constant companion, Dora Lynn. 27 more words


Sequence of constructor calls in multiple inheritance

I have tried to find a lot that what if only one class is made virtual in multiple inheritance?
The behaviour of constructor call is not clear to me in this case. 197 more words

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#MYANMAR #Two #troops of #RCSS/SSA #die #during the #battle of #anti #narcotic #drugs

Two troops of RCSS/SSA die during the battle of anti-narcotic drugs

10 December 2014 Written by Taifreedom
RCSS/SSA was encircled and attacked by the government army with a lot of force during the plan of anti-narcotic drugs at WanBan village in Kyawkme Township, Shan State and two troops of RCSS/SSA had sacrificed their blood and life for the nation in the battle field. 330 more words


runtime error 424 object required in vb6.0

'global variables

Dim username As String 'username variable

Dim password As String 'password variable

Private Sub Command2_Click()
End 'terminate login

End Sub

Private Sub Command1_Click()

Call login 'call login

End Sub

 Function login()

If txtusername.Text = "admin" And txtpassword.Text = "123" Then

    'username/password correct

     MsgBox "WELCOME, " & txtusername.Text & "!", vbInformation, "WELCOME!"

     End 'terminate login

    'username/password incorrect

    MsgBox "incorrect username or password!", vbExclamation, "ERROR!"

    txtusername.Text = "" 'clear username

    txtpassword.Text = "" 'clear password

    txtusername.SetFocus 'username set focus

    End If

End Function

Private Sub Text2_KeyUp(KeyCode As Integer, Shift As Integer)

If KeyCode = 13 Then '(if enter key was pressed)

Call login

End If

End Sub
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Wide Range Readers Reading Scheme

One of the most remembered school reading book schemes is this one- The Wide Range Readers

They featured two stone age characters called Lok and Shan and were created by  52 more words

Children's Books