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Fashionable and functional shapewear by Grace & Wilde. Fashionable and functional shapewear by Grace & Wilde.

Shapewear is becoming as essential to a lingerie collection as a basic T-shirt bra, but as an increasing number of designers roll out thigh-smoothing shorties and waist cinching camis, how can retailers decide which are the best products to stock? 1,660 more words


The Basics.....

Hello again my lovelies. Apologies for the delay but I have been thinking long and hard about the subject matter for my first real post, and I have decided to start by reflecting on something very close to my heart, and every other part of me for that matter…..underwear. 1,210 more words


Last thoughts for Women's History Month

Betty Friedan used to say that the 1950s and early 1960s were a time when we wore girdles on our heads.

I think of that remark when I talk to writers. 281 more words


Purchase your waist cinchers, girdles, and shape wear from ShapelyYou.net before March 31, 2014 and get 20% off of your order by using coupon code: SYGRAND. 9 more words

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Slim Tricks

If you are like me, the effects of those new years resolutions are slowly wearing off…..¬†You are probably telling yourself by now that an evening chilling¬† 510 more words

Sweatpants - lOOk Sexy!

Got your attention, didn’t I? Sweatpants + looking good = oxymoron! I have tended to purchase all of my sweatpants while on the way out the door of Target or Walmart. 98 more words

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