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23 - Cat

Lydia was dozing, the warmth of the fire prevailing throughout the room until the door opened and a draft burst upon them. She shifted, curling up so that her own body minimised it’s exposure to outside air. 279 more words


Supernatural spin-off fanfiction. PART 4

Supernatural: Dark paths – Episode 1, Blood is blood – PART 4

Alright, this is the last part before the final of episode 1.

Also some music that Bee listened in the story. 9 more words




Win a free copy of my latest book, The High King’s Embalmer, when you share or mention it somewhere: Twitter, blog, Facebook, etc. Just let me know where it’s mentioned. 92 more words

Review: The String Diaries by Stephen Lloyd Jones

Excellent premise with an incredible non-linear narrative, but The String Diaries leaves too many unanswered questions and, honestly, has a bit of a crappy ending. 740 more words



The massive construction you are seeing on Marsh above the Keystone cut is the Shapeshifter house for Peter and Turkey Stremmel.

I love modern architecture.  I will defend to the end a property owner’s right to build what they want on their property.  190 more words

Master of Disguise

By Charlie Whittaker

Boquila trifoliolata is a climbing plant endemic to the swathes of temperate rainforest covering vast areas of South America. Herbivory and grazing is often intense in these areas, and being able to climb away from the prying jaws of potential predators is advantageous for a plant like Boquila trifoliolata. 359 more words

Charlie Whittaker

The Yaya (Nanny)

Mother and Daughter by Natalia Tejera

Yaya (Tagalog) – nanny, nursemaid, governess.

I was about 5 at the time. I remember meeting Inday for the very first time and thinking to myself, “Who are you?”, and “Why are you now living with us?”. 720 more words