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Coming Soon -B.J. McCall Thunder Wolves: Thorne

On this last day of the Summer Bash, I’m pleased to tell you about the first book in my new werewolf series, Thunder Wolves. The first book is about Thorne, a hunky werewolf who falls for not only a human, but a city girl. 176 more words

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Dragonfire Heroines - Livia of Covenant - B.J. McCall

Meet Livia the heroine of Dragonfire 4: Covenant.

Livia has loved Byrne from afar for years. She doesn’t want to be forced upon him, but her family and her clan have made it impossible to defy the council’s order. 512 more words

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Dragonfire Heroines - Adatha of Caught - B.J. McCall

Meet Adatha of Dragonfire 5: Caught

Although Adatha is a young woman, she knows what she wants. She believes in true love and for Adatha there is only one dragon, but he has vanished leaving her to pursue her dream of becoming a dragon warrior. 558 more words

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Dragonfire Heroines - Velka of Covert - B.J. McCall

Meet Velka the heroine of Dragonfire 3: Covert

She’s a trained warrior on a dangerous, but important mission. She has empathy for the teenagers who have been drawn into the Rogues by the promise of gold, but Velka understands her duty. 353 more words

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Dragonfire Heroines - Karis of Chosen - B.J. McCall

Meet Karis the heroine of Dragonfire 2: Chosen

Born with a dragon on her hip, Karis Nordrath is the chosen, and because of the mark she’s been guarded all of her life. 472 more words

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Dragonfire Heroines - Zira of Captured - B.J. McCall

Today I want to introduce you to the heroines of my Dragonfire series. If dragonshifters existed in current times, they would have the challenge of living within their clan social structure while conforming to the human world. 462 more words

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USA Today HEA Recommends Trailer for Rock Me Tonight

If you like book trailers, here’s a short quick one for Rock Me Tonight, one my husband created. Rock Me Tonight has been named a Top Pick by Night Owl Reviews and a Summer Pick by All Romance Ebooks. 95 more words

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