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New Short Story

I’m very happy to unveil the latest short story from the Echoes in the Past series. It is set ten years prior to the events in the main series and is intended to shed some light (and shade) on the history of the ever so enigmatic Father Ash. 4,773 more words

Echoes Of The Past

Is the reptilian shapeshifter phenomena true or Biblical?

Reptilian shapeshifters are a concept that revolves around the belief that there are certain human beings on earth, who can shapeshift into reptilian humanoid type creatures at will. 2,376 more words

12 Days of Shift-mas: 12 The Benchmark - Druid

We here at Lost Spheres love shapeshifters.  Conceptually, the group of characters that encompases the ability to take on another form is pretty broad particularly including third-party options. 455 more words

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

*Promo Post* Lion by B.B. Sorores

Author: B.B. Sorores

Title: Lion

Genre: New Adult Paranormal/Shapeshifter

Release Date: October 2014

Publishers: Secret Cravings Publishers

Length: 78,363 words

Blurb: The City is everything Adam Reid could possibly have hoped for – power and potential. 1,220 more words


Book 3 - How the Wolf Lost Her Heart by Sarah Brownlee



Two hundred years in the future, the City of London has fallen to thugs and scoundrels. The once thriving metropolis is now a shadow of its former self; decent citizens cower in their homes and the streets are no longer safe. 241 more words

Supernatural S10E06 Recap: Ask Jeeves

This week’s episode of Supernatural, “Ask Jeeves,” has a murder-mystery theme, utilizing the English whodunit style of storytelling that was popularized after World War I, and can be found in Agatha Christie novels, movies like… 4,674 more words

TV Recaps & Reviews

Wolf God Episodes #1-3 is now available

Today I’m releasing my fourth BOX SET, a compilation of the first 3 God of Night stories:


I’ve lived by my wits my whole life, but the first time I’m caught thieving is by a seven foot tall wolf man shape shifter claiming to be the god of night. 191 more words

Erotic Romance