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Comment imprimer en 3D (sans imprimante 3D)

Rappelez-vous, il n’y a pas si longtemps de cela, nous prenions nos photos avec des appareils dotés de pellicules, nous allions porter ses pellicules chez un spécialiste qui les développait et les imprimait sur papier photo pour vous. 2,430 more words


Tarantula Perfume

Tarantula Perfume

Attractive perfumes and scents exist in the natural life cycles.
One example is the tarantula spider female, which spreads pheromones
into the air in order to attract the male for reproduction. 107 more words


Wettbewerb für bestes Apple iWatch Zubehör

Das letzte Gerät von Apple, veröffentlicht vor 3 Tagen, ist jetzt in aller Munde. Die ist keine gewöhnliche Armbanduhr. Erinnert ihr euch an die Taschenrechner-Armbanduhren in den 1970ern und 80ern? 162 more words


Web Post 1

Will 3D Printing Change the World? – This video discusses various impacts of 3D printing technology in culture, science and economy. With this technology, you can create 3D computer models which can be 3D “printed” using materials such as plastic, ceramic, wax, and metals such as gold, silver and platinum. 183 more words

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3D Print Your Apple Watch Before You Buy It

Two days ago, we relayed news of a free, 3D printable case for the latest model for a certain famous phone from a particular tech giant, but mouths were drooling even more over that giant’s newest device, a watch.  339 more words


My ring arrived!

So. Hi again blog. Hahaha. So much for daily huh. I think i’ll pick it up again when i get more work to do. Like i have to do a 500 word introduction for my personal study in Art by Monday, and a page worth of computing program ideas (which i’ll have to produce a 50-100 page user documentation on later) for Monday or Tuesday too. 841 more words

Moustache Tie Bars for Movember!

So, Movember is coming up. Have you started planning your sweet ‘stache? I’ve started making a line of tie bars resembling the Moustaches of the World… 71 more words