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Honeycomium. WTF. A truly analog experience.

What singers don’t know about howling mikes

Have you ever noticed in Karaoke bars when a singer takes the microphone and it starts howling, the ones that don’t know try to cover the mike with their hand and the feedback gets worse? 460 more words

Getting towards a tipping point

Paul von Jankó was a man ahead of his time. His ideas fell on stony ground and he ended up spending the last 17 years of his life laboring on a Turkish tobacco farm. 520 more words

a16z Podcast: The Next Phase of 3D Printing

In this wide-ranging discussion about the latest and next consumer and industrial applications for 3D printing, we examine (with Shapeway’s Carine Carmy and a16z’s Tom Rikert): how the software-driven ideal of product-market-fit may be achieved in physical products, too — with rapid prototyping through 3D printing; how the ability to manufacture on-demand changes traditional notions of seasonality and inventory management in product cycles and development; and how the long tail of 3-D printing means being able to have a market of 1.


Welcome to my little niche of the Internet where I will be showing off some ideas and designs I have created.  Sometime after I post these designs here, get feedback or criticism, I will be putting them up on my Shapeways shop so that anyone can purchase them and use them.  224 more words

3D Printing

Thoughts on 3D Printing

It seems incredible to me that I’m looking at a bronze sculpture of YodaBuddha created  by 3D printing. I conceived the idea in the morning, sculpted it in ZBrush, and uploaded the file to… 464 more words


giveaway :: shapeways 3D printing $100 gift card

About.com recently hosted a contest in conjunction with Shapeways that ended in early November and 48 people won the item that gained the most votes.  Were you one of the winners?   437 more words