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Do you think that the equity markets have topped out? Will we see 7000 Nifty before we see 9000?

by- Jayant Manglik, President of Retail Distribution at Religare Securities Limited 

My view is that 7000 is a distinct possibility and is in fact a healthy sign for markets because the… 61 more words

4 Jul 2014 (AFR) - Trading at full speed - How high-frequency (HFT) trading chisels genuine investors

(4 July 2014, AFR, p23, Pierpont)

‘In this high-tech world, the haves pay in nanoseconds while the have-nots have no idea.’

‘When chaps at the Croesus Club first began chatting about high-frequency trading and dark pools, Pierpont thought he knew what they meant.’ <snipped…> 372 more words

1.Market Observations

Wall Street Traders Report June 30

Wall Street Traders Report June 30
Apple (AAPL)

Shares in Apple have enjoyed a rise in prices for the past few months. The rise in prices has formed an up-trend with a recent retracement forming a trend channel. 63 more words


28 Jun 2014 (AFR) - Head offshore for shares, or risk sinking

‘Never before has it been so compelling to diversify your portfolio away from the traditional Australian bias and invest overseas. Not only is the huge weight of money in superannuation crowding a relatively small local investment space, but the concentration of domestic stocks in financials and resources makes diversification difficult.’ <snipped…> 105 more words

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