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Age WAY INappropriate: Forcing you to Grow Up Fast

The following recollection was repressed from my memory for obvious reasons, and after reading an article last Wednesday that included the phrase “advance directive,” my mind was instantly bombarded with memories from the past that I’d like to erase. 273 more words

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Esophagram Experience

Here’s the experience of an Esophagram (a series of x-ray pictures of the esophagus where the x-ray images are taken after the patient drinks a barium solution that coats and outlines the walls of the esophagus) aka Barium Swallow I can share after having one at two o’clock this afternoon. 711 more words

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Dog Lovers Delight!

When it comes to the end of a day there are a few pick me up’s that each of us enjoy. It may be the slippers waiting for you when you get home, ripping of those tight jeans you’ve wriggled around in all day, the tiny person waiting to see you when you come in the door or the pitter patter of 4 tiny paws running out to the door to see if you’ve brought them any treats. 849 more words


#NaNoWriMo Update: Reviewing my dance card!

Well, we have reached half way point for NaNoWriMo. I am very happy to report my word count @ 32,716 words. A great learning experience on writing daily. 432 more words


Think, REALLY THINK, Before You Speak/Write/Publish

Anger rapidly started to boil a few minutes ago, rising up inside me just now as I read an article in a magazine I subscribe to. 370 more words

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Sunday Satires: O My Gaffe! The Day 'The Cord' rained on my Flirt Parade

My Sunday Gaffes Challenge should have started last Sunday, but I guess everyone is over at that novel writing challenge Nah No-Rhyme Oh… Nah? Got it wrong?   1,152 more words

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Why, Thank You


 For the first 20-something years of my life, I used to rhyme every single thank-you note that I wrote. Sticking with the “thank you” idea, I was raised with my Mom telling my sisters and me, “Say ‘thank you’ whenever someone gives you something or does something for you.” Nowadays, I can’t sleep a wink until every thank-you note I need to write is complete. 343 more words

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