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R.I.P. = Rest Injured Pancreas

Eating lighter, I’ve discovered, is the way to go! Smaller portions, instead of three large meals per day, are easier to digest and make a (very positive & much-appreciated) noticeable difference in the way my forever-altered-due-to-cancer system operates. 84 more words

Excellent Things I Like A LOT


I’ll probably go on a little pause and break.

Need to recharge.

I have a million and a half things to say, and have only scratched the surface on one angle of all the things I have something to say on. 300 more words

Vera Kasi

Rachel- Day One


Breakfast: Peach

Lunch: Celery with almond butter and sliced turkey

Dinner: Watermelon salad

Dessert: Paleo-fied cookies

The Daily

Personal Perspective

This weekend I realized that my first priority in life needs to be the acronym J.O.Y. which stands for Jesus first, others second, & yourself last. 94 more words

Share Your Story

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Recent moments have struck upon me

the following fairly fowl evening epiphany:

During high school I was a Thurston Eagle,

& presently I’m a Bald Eagle.

Excellent Things I Like A LOT

Want to Get a Point Across? Tell a Great Story

Want to Get a Point Across? Tell a Great Story

Wikipedia indicates that Lu Chao can express PI to some 67,890 digits, taking more than 24 hours to recite all those digits. 392 more words

Cyber Cafe Reloaded

by Mike Otieno

With the advent of smartphones, mobile internet, and home Wifi in Kenya, the once prevalent cyber café seems redundant. For Mike Otieno, however, it’s still quite relevant and presents a huge opportunity for fresh thinking and innovation. 1,009 more words

Entrepreneurship In Kenya