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Catnap with Caution

Don’t act overly tired at a doctor appointment or he may interpret your actions as being sick and admit you! One time I was especially petered out in a private room waiting for the physician to enter, so I stretched out on the blue patient exam table and regrettably neglected to perk up when he finally appeared. 67 more words

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Lifegiva2.com presents a platform for everyone to share their Sunday service/Church experience.

How was your service? What was unique/fun/inspiring/frustrating/amusing/turn-on/turn-off…about church today? What did you learn? 203 more words


Dishwasher Dilemma with a Wrist Gone Wrong

Did you empty your dishwasher this week? I used to – until Avascular Necrosis barged its way into my left wrist. AVN is “the death of bone tissue due to a lack of blood supply. 259 more words

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2 poems about talking to & then meeting Bachelor Bob Guiney

“Bachelor Bob” written March 23, 2005


I talked with Bob Guiney on his cell phone today.

Donte’ met him at the airport, they’re both headed the same way. 373 more words

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Don't Waste the Pain

Why am I talking about my depression? At first I didn’t want anyone to know. I was embarrassed and felt like a wimp and a coward. 464 more words


Where were you?

Thirteen years ago, I was an awkward 11-year-old 1,194 more words


Necessary Neck Pillow

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The neck pillow actually found ME – I was shopping at TJ Maxx in Indiana with my friend recently looking for a new purse. 218 more words

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