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I Know You're Distressed, But...

I am the lone female in a family of seven. My father, my husband, our four sons, and I all share a cozy apartment. Boys are my life. 453 more words


Suicidal awareness.

I am that girl who will pass you unnoticed. I walk with my scars, memories, trauma, and you will never know. We are many who suffers from depression, anxiety and trauma. 446 more words



I’m up before the birds sing songs flight worthy
spirit lifts, I’m werkin out, me and mine early
practicing enunciation, I know my guy heard me… 275 more words

A Day's Werk

Pets are Good For YOUR Health

Pets are good for YOUR health!

People who have pets:

– Have production of oxytocin that is released during interactions with our pets

– oxytocin reduces blood pressure, increases tolerance to pain and reduces anxiety… 173 more words

Recommended Read: 'Adventures in baby making as a single black lesbian'

This is an amazing read, (with autostraddle landing first place as my favourite source of queer journalism) firstly because it is an incredibly interesting story but secondly also because it comes from such a specific perspective that is bound up in the reality of intersectionality. Really informative, and well written.


5 Easy Tips for Mental Wellness

Ok, so does anyone feel like they just took off their NYE party hats and watched January fly by? February is coming up in a few days and one of the themes of the month is heart health (Ya know, Valentine’s day and all that). ¬† 852 more words


Champagne taste with a Miller Lite budget

Every little girl dreams of a fairytale wedding. Sadly, my dreams were crushed as I paid tuition and prepared a wedding budget. I did a quick web search on wedding budgets out of curiosity and what I found will blow your mind! 267 more words