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It's Our Responsibility

Such an amazing responsibility has fallen on us; those who wish to participate, nurture, and benefit from a long lasting society. We have to strategize for more than just our own grandchildren, because we understand prosperity does not belong to a generation, or bloodline, but to the singular; the whole humankind. 211 more words


National Poetry Writing Month: Truth

I just found out yesterday that April is National Poetry Writing Month. So even though it’s already April 16th, cheers to 14 more days of poetry. 68 more words


What Has The World Come To? (Part 1)

I know this topic can go in many different ways, but I wanted to present it in a way in which I can relate it for today’s post. 292 more words

Everyone needs an Introduction

Real life introductions start with a handshake, followed by a greeting and a then a warm smile. As you and I are clearly using an electronic device to communicate, I can not shake your hand or see your smile as I introduce myself to you. 196 more words


Glitch in TV ad tests and rewards a player's code-cracking skills

The gaming industry really knows how to push a player’s buttons. A kick-ass integrated ad campaign by London ad agency CP + B starts off with a glitchy TVC. 57 more words


Art of Being Happy :)

The REAL motto of our Life is to be Happy by making others Happy.

” Anadatman – in a state of Bliss :) “


【Size Matters】by James

Believe me, size matters. Just ask the ladies, or even the gentlemen, and they’ll all tell you size does matter. I am referring to wine bottle sizes of course. 324 more words