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A Little Late for Apologies . . .

Chris Kennedy, chairman of Our Beloved Board of Trustees, says the Board was “surprised” to learn that so many faculty and staff would have to retire by June 30 of this year in order to avoid massive cuts to their pensions.   344 more words

Shared Governance

USM President Rescinds Proposed Faculty Layoffs

Those regular readers of this blog will know that we have published several posts on the proposed elimination of faculty positions at the University of Southern Maine ostensibly to close a continuing budget gap but also to allow the administration more “flexibility” in funding programs. 303 more words


Negotiations Kickoff Event April 17

Thursday, April 17, 8:30-10 a.m.
Montague House (814 Oakland Drive)

Join us for coffee, donuts, and good company and send the team off in style. … 133 more words

News And Updates

WMU-AAUP Remarks to the Board of Trustees

Remarks by WMU-AAUP President Lisa Minnick
Meeting of the Board of Trustees

April 9, 2014

In my remarks to the board last June, I referenced a… 1,325 more words

Administration Issues

The Top Issues Facing Higher Education in 2014 and Beyond

Writing for Forbes, John Ebersole, the president of Excelsior College, has identifeid the following ten issues as the most significant issues facing higher education this year: 912 more words


Higher Education “Reform”: The Price Paid by the Next Generation of Students and Professors

An “On the Issues” Post from the Campaign for the Future of Higher Education [http://futureofhighered.org]


The increasing awareness of—and outrage about–the size of the debt crushing college graduates is, we must hope, a sign that meaningful action to address it may be possible. 419 more words