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The Email

Who waits until late on a Friday to send out really not great news?

Well, a  lot of people do. After working in the news business for decades, I’ve realized that’s actually when most bad news is typically delivered. 728 more words

South Dakota

The World is your Oyster, don't let it Fester

Assumptions, Acceptance and Knowledge.

When I was growing up I got caught in the mindset of ‘ this world is fucking bullshit !’ My mind and my way was always combative and I resisted everything because I thought it was wrong. 1,516 more words

🚽 Flush

Pick Up Your Phone

I was talking with my uncle when the beeps came through. Two calls within a matter of moments. It was the Cowboy trying to get through on the other line. 80 more words

Closing the gender pay gap: equal pay audits, or more equal parenting?

By Richard Dunstan, Working Families volunteer

Recent weeks have seen renewed calls for the introduction of mandatory equal pay audits in order to close the gender pay gap, which according to the Office of National Statistics now stands at 19.7 per cent.   1,242 more words

Shared Parental Leave

For Mothers; Stepmoms

Okay so I have to write this because my god what is happening to the Moms? Being almost side noted now to just insecure human beings in the debate about rights and wrongs and dos and don’ts in the mom, step mom debacles. 767 more words

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Equal pay audits: the wrong tool in the box?

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, a newly-elected Prime Minister claimed to have invented a wondrous thing: joined-up government. From now on, the purer-than-pure premier said, ministers and their departments would work together to ensure both that an initiative in one policy area would not have unwanted consequences in another, and that only the best and most effective policy tools were selected and prioritised to tackle any particular policy problem. 1,308 more words


Me.... An idiots guide

The thing I’ve taken away most from our holiday this year is something that has mildly irritated me for a while, but has totally driven me mad this week. 704 more words