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Me.... An idiots guide

The thing I’ve taken away most from our holiday this year is something that has mildly irritated me for a while, but has totally driven me mad this week. 704 more words


Holidaying with a man bingo....

I know most women live with men full time of course. I haven’t lived with one in 6 years. So I do find the holiday week trying. 499 more words


Things to take on a rainy holiday in a confined space with 4 kids and a grown up who you don't get on that well with!!!!!

I know the title isn’t quite snappy. It’s more rambling and messy. That’s precisely how I felt when I stupidly looked at the weather forecast for our holiday week. 725 more words


Let's Enjoy Summer While It's Here

It’s Sunday here today.  Go enjoy time with your kids, offer the other parent some extra time to enjoy the summer sun.   Summer doesn’t last, all parts of the family need to make memories now!


Please come on holiday mummy.....

Due to the absolute breakdown of the friendship between littlest girls daddy and I we’d decided not to do the family holiday in Wales this year. 430 more words


You want the best for your kids, so why succumb to the lowest common denominator?

I’ve always loathed the term “deadbeat” whether applied to dads or mums.

Sure, there are underachievers in all walks of life, but any combination of adults in any marriage represents a unique relationship and I can’t help thinking that, as experienced as many of us are, people are too quick to judge on the basis of the half story we usually hear. 493 more words

Shared Parenting