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Riding The RollerCoaster of Life

I feel like I just need to write. I have a million thoughts going through my head, I need to get it down, just do something with them. 834 more words

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I Need Some Input Here Guys

I’m so hurt now…

I worked today and it was a busy day luckily, helps keep my mind busy.

Yesterday was the first time I had kind of ‘ altercation’ with my ex’s fiancé. 1,314 more words

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A thaw in the shared parenting cold war ????

I’ve talked about , in length ,here about the absolute breakdown in any kind of friendship between my littlest girls daddy and I. What began as an idealistic idea of parenting together while not being in a relationship became the exact opposite of that. 576 more words


Shared parenting arguments

The Law Commission recommendation for Shared Parenting

  1. Shared Parenting needed due to changing familial role of men
  2. Psychological studies revealing that the involvement of both parents in well being of the child raring is preferable than sole custody arrangements…
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Today . . . and Tonight, Parent Teacher Interview

Today was . . . better. Still not done though. Parent teacher interviews.

The wonderful times of year you have to join forces with your ex ( who thinks he’s better than you ) and unfortunately the fiancé won’t be able to make it ( unless she went out of her way to switch shit around, so she wouldn’t not be apart of this super important for her to be there 15 minute kindergarten PTA ) 496 more words

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Share and share alike - a new presumption of shared parenting?

From October 2014, Courts when considering matters relating to the care of children have had to:

“presume, unless the contrary is shown, that the involvement of both parents in the life of the child will further the child’s welfare.” … 392 more words

Parenting Issues

The Christmas anxiety must stop!!!!

….and if I write it down that means it has to happen right???Worth a shot!!!

I adore Christmas usually. I get excited when I first see Christmas stuff in the shops ( even if it’s August!!!) I start to pull ideas for Christmas crafts to do with the kids around October. 861 more words