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RIP Happy , Friendly shared parenting!!!

Urgh so I knew this cold war between littlest girls daddy and I couldn’t go on forever.I had just presumed we’d find a way around it.We’re grown ups right???We can put our feelings for one another to one side and move forward to do right by our daughter!! 415 more words


A mums sick day....(content warning:severe self pity ) sniff sniff

I’ve talked lots on this blog about Shared Parenting and I’m a huge advocate of the premise of bringing up our daughter together whilst living separately and not being in any kind of relationship. 784 more words


Iowa and Minnesota Score "B's" in shared parenting practices

KIMT News 3 – A new report from the National Parents Organization ranks states based on their child custody laws.

This report is the first of its kind because it ranks each state specifically on the degree to which they promote shared parenting. 212 more words


Being A 'Sick Mom'

Ugh, I feel a sickness to my stomach.

I feel like I’ve just found out what’s been keeping me fucked up, at least a portion of it as far as my med change, but maybe a few days too late. 506 more words

🚽 Flush


Parents involved in a dispute about the custody and residential arrangements of their children have all heard of the terms “joint custody” and “shared parenting”. However, there is a great deal of confusion among litigants about what these terms actually mean. 619 more words

Family Law

It's Time To Stand Up Against Unfair Treatment: No Indians Or Dogs Allowed

From D.J., a grandmother:

I would like to share with you a story. One that was told to me by my mother, one that I have never forgotten. 500 more words

D...is for damn, where does time go?

Confession and explanation time, particularly to those who have graciously chosen to follow my blog.

I’m new to this, and oddly I feel conflicted between wanting to blog in order to somehow offer something of value to you the reader, partly to disseminate so many of my random musings and eclectic (some say extensive) experience(s) – and feeling bad (a false guilt thing going on) because I strangely feel like I’m letting you down (whoever you are); and at the same time knowing that it’s been a somewhat busy season of life and finding time to write consistently on top of work, study – and the deadlines for assessments, running a home, juggling shared parenting, coaching my eldest sons basketball team, trying to keep up with friends who are likewise juggling and balancing life’s often competing demands; and so telling myself that I can’t do everything…and that’s ok! 815 more words