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You want the best for your kids, so why succumb to the lowest common denominator?

I’ve always loathed the term “deadbeat” whether applied to dads or mums.

Sure, there are underachievers in all walks of life, but any combination of adults in any marriage represents a unique relationship and I can’t help thinking that, as experienced as many of us are, people are too quick to judge on the basis of the half story we usually hear. 493 more words

Shared Parenting

10 Tips for Protecting Your Family Against PAS

Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) , a term used to describe a condition in which one parent deliberately embarks upon a strategy to distance and then alienate the children from the other parent, is clearly abuse. 1,246 more words

Shared Parenting


To many this is a very upsetting term: the STATUS QUO!!! If you have already been exposed to it then you know what this is all about. 872 more words

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Is the Tide for Equal Parenting Starting to Shift?

I don’t know how much you’ve looked at the news lately, but several states have either passed legislation, or turned it down.

Currently Alaska, Iowa, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas have laws on the books that promotes equal time with each parent. 543 more words

High-conflict Divorce

The advantages of being the second favourite parent

It used to cause me a huge amount of anguish that littlest girl preferred her daddy to me. Used to really really upset me. When she was much littler and cried when he dropped her back off home I often joined her in a tear or two. 405 more words


Sleepovers with Penelope Leach:

Are her views supported by the evidence?

Discussion in the world of shared parenting reform has been dominated over the past week or so by reaction to Penelope Leach’s new book… 3,624 more words

Shared Parenting