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An Exercise in Absolute Futility: Chapter Thirty-Two

Sharing Parenting

Although mothers in the sample varied in their attitudes to gate work, they all presumed a distinctive and central maternal role rather than a position of parental equivalence and interchangability.

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Family Law

25 Ways to Intentionally Create Conflict in A Coparenting Relationship

By Casey Wilson

There is a presumption by many family law professionals that if there is moderate to high conflict it is impossible parents share parental duties including time sharing as well as decision making. 998 more words

Making work actually work for all: a ‘families & work’ manifesto for 2015

By Richard Dunstan, Policy & Parliamentary Campaigns Officer

With fewer than 400 days to go until the general election in May 2015, teams of strategists, number-crunchers and policy wonks in each of the main parties will be burning the midnight oil between now and the party conference season in September, when the party manifestos are likely to be finalised. 1,333 more words


An Exercise in Absolute Futility: Chapter Thirty-One

Legislate in Haste…

Society must be willing to tolerate very diverse standards of parenting, including the eccentric, the barely adequate and the inconsistent… some children will experience disadvantage and harm, while others flourish in atmospheres of loving security and emotional stability. 

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When shared parenting hits a bump in the road....

I think I’ve waxed lyrical enough about how our strange complicated family dynamic does seem to work for us. I’m really not fibbing either, sharing parenting of littlest girl with her daddy is a crucial component in what makes her the happy, secure, confident little girl that she is. 661 more words


Lessons From Half Of Me: My Life As An Alienated Child, Parent and Step Parent

In being advocates for keeping good parents involved in their children’s lives to the maximum degree, we meet awesome people, many with stories of their own. 1,785 more words

Shared Parenting

Parenting: a mother AND father thing

In this guest post, Duncan Fisher, founder and former CEO of the Fatherhood Institute, explains what led him to establish new shared parenting blog… 661 more words

Shared Parenting