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Company law: Can a board refuse share transfers?

Can a company board reasonably refuse consent to transfer of shares? Directors are urged to be wary of exercising their powers in a manner not in the best interests of the company and for proper purpose. 455 more words

Different Types of Organisations

Organisation can typically be broken-down into two parts:

  •  Profit making organisations, such as the private sector
  • Non-profit organisations such as the public sector eg NPMO…
  • 66 more words

Risks for non-party funders

Providing funds to parties so that the litigation can proceed may not be without risk. Non-parties may be at risk of having to pay an opponent’s costs. 423 more words

Dispute Resolution

Help! My dividend was unlawful

In our previous post we explained the different ways in which a company may decide to return surplus cash to its shareholders. The simplest method involves the payment of a cash dividend but are there any restrictions on a company’s ability to do this and what happens if those restrictions are breached? 429 more words


Operating Agreements/ Bylaws: A company's starting point

Your Bylaws (for corporations, generally) or Operating Agreement (for LLC’s generally) serve as a guidepost for your company. For simplicity purposes I’m going to refer to both as Operating Agreements herein. 1,744 more words

Business Formation

Country On The Brink

Country on the brink
Middle-class being trampled
Extinction awaits
Corporate greed at a high
Climbing the backs of workers
Shareholders don’t care
Its all about their returns… 8 more words


Return to sender

Returning value to shareholders has become a hot topic in recent years. With interest rates low, and limited acquisition opportunities, many companies have sought to keep investors happy by providing an income return when the prospects of significant capital growth have been low. 618 more words