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Microsoft Productivity Hub Install

I wrote this guide in February of 2012.  I make the assumption that these instructions are still valid.  I haven’t setup a new testing environment yet, but once I do I’ll run back through them and check.  629 more words


CAML vs LINQ to SharePoint 2010 - Performance


LINQ to SharePoint is really cool.  There’s lots of things you can do with it that you can’t do with CAML alone.  It’s much easier to read, to work with, to maintain, and because of the strongly typed objects, you find more of your bugs at compile time than at run time like you have to with CAML. 210 more words

SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2010: Orphan Search Scopes in a Cross-Farm (Updated v2)

A search scope defines a subset of information in the search index. Users can select a search scope when performing a search to restrict search results to the subset of information that they want. 513 more words

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SharePoint - Programatically Starting a Workflow

Here is a code snippet I recently developed for starting a sharepoint workflow from code behind.

public void StartWorkFlow(string strListName, int intCurrentItemID, string strWorkflowName)
        using (SPSite objSite = new SPSite(SPContext.Current.Site.Url))
            using (SPWeb objWeb = objSite.OpenWeb())
                objWeb.AllowUnsafeUpdates = true;
                //get list
                SPList list = objWeb.Lists;
                //get list item
                SPListItem lstItem = list.GetItemById(intCurrentItemID);
                //obtain an instance of SPWorkflowManager which will be used to start the workflow
                SPWorkflowManager manager = objSite.WorkflowManager;
                //get all workflows associated with the list
                SPWorkflowAssociationCollection associationCol = list.WorkflowAssociations;
                //iterate through all the workflow and lookup for the workflow to be started
                foreach (SPWorkflowAssociation association in associationCol)
                    if (association.Name == strWorkflowName)
                        //get workflow association data
                        string associationData = association.AssociationData;
                        //start the workflow
                        manager.StartWorkflow(lstItem, association, associationData);                                
                objWeb.AllowUnsafeUpdates = false;

Extend SharePoint 2013 People Search Using Business Connectivity Services Part 4

In this four part series I will describe the process of extending the SharePoint 2013 user profile from Active Directory with additional data from a SQL Server table.   887 more words


SharePoint daily and weekly maintenance check list

Daily tasks

  1. Performing Physical environmental Checks
  2. Performing and Monitoring Backups
  3. Checking Disk Usage
  4. Checking the Event Viewer
  5. Monitoring Server Performance
  6. Monitoring Network Performance

Weekly tasks… 38 more words

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SharePoint Error: Your client does not support this list with windows Explorer

Error Your client does not support this list with windows Explorer might appear when trying to use “Open with Explorer” in the banner of a document library when using Internet Explorer 10 or 11  58 more words

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