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Remove web part that is causing error from a SharePoint page


On adding a web part if in a page at times it throws error and we need to access the page and remove that web part. 54 more words


SharePoint 2010 - Custom list templates do not appear on the "Create List" page of a SharePoint site

My Problem

Today I tried to copy lists including their data from my customer’s environment to my development environment. I needed to include the data so what is easier than using the save list as template ion SharePoint. 163 more words


Performance Counters


  • A primary counter is a counter that we should check first to detect any problem.
  • If we detect a problem with primary counters then we can use secondary counters to have more info about that problem…
  • 335 more words
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NLB Unicast Vs Multicast

In this post I´m trying to explain the two kinds of Operation Mode we have in a NLB configuration.

This is one of the NLB Cluster properties that we need to know very clear. 539 more words

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Disable LoopbackCheck

​It´s very common that after a hard work installing and configuring a sharepoint farm, the web applications, Kerberos, sql configurations… the first time you try to access your newly created site collection from the sharepoint server the browser constantly prompt you for credentials and finally receive a 401 error. 397 more words

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How to Configure Reverse Proxy

We have two web servers. One server accepts traffic from the WAN on port 80. The other accepts traffic from the WAN on port 443. Our SharePoint 2010 instance lives on the former, but we only want public traffic coming to the SharePoint server over SSL. 707 more words

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Configure Object Cache User Accounts (All in Powershell)

In my last post I explained all the steps to configure the object cache user accounts. It´s so simple and easy… but at the same time boring and long for such a little configuration. 150 more words

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