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SharePoint 2013 Modal Dialog is different from SharePoint 2010

Recently I faced issue while using modal dialog in SharePoint 2013 & researched about it. SharePoint 2010 version of code won’t work at all, Microsoft itself changed code to use modal dialog. 233 more words

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ASA’s WebVPN with SharePoint 2010

If you are using Cisco ASA’s WebVPN with SharePoint 2010, you’ll notice that all jQuery based functions will stop working.

The fix is to add the following to the web.config for the impacted SharePoint site. 79 more words

SharePoint 2010

Building a list-specific search with JavaScript

Whilst writing an article that looks at the Instant List Filter (hosted on CodePlex) I started wondering if there was an “Out of the Box” search solution that allows users to search within specific lists. 840 more words

SharePoint 2010

Configuring the SCOM Sharepoint Web Part

The SCOM web part allows you to host dashboards on your Sharepoint site. Unlike in the web console these dashboards are read only so cannot be modified so they are ideal for giving to people outwith the Operations Team to look at the data. 22 more words

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Importing the Sharepoint 2010 MP

There has been a lot of questions surrounding the SharePoint 2010 Management Pack when importing to a System Center Operations Manager 2012 Environment.

The trick is to get all the correct permissions: 1,212 more words

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When a "read-only" content type proves to be "somewhat" read-only

We all know that content types can be configured to be “read-only”. When you use the content type hub and consume one or more content types from that hub, these will also be read-only. 220 more words

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Explorer View in document library

SharePoint explorer view displays the folder structure on the SharePoint server computer while a user can access it in his/her computer. Two main protocols are  being  used for this feature – “Web Distributed and Versioning(WebDAV)” and “FrontPage Server Extensions Remote Procdure Call(FPRPC)”. 35 more words

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