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Adding Users/Groups - SharePoint - Powershell

A few times I’ve had to add users to specific SharePoint groups using powershell. I made the below script, which splits up each of the processes in the user creation and permission handling into transparent chunks. 195 more words

Jesper Arnecke

<asp:menu in SharePoint master page breaks in iPhone6

With iPhone6 and iPhone6 plus, iOS8 and Safari7.1 has been released recently. One of the changes in safari7.1 is the browser id. Browser id in safari7.1 is Safari60. 122 more words

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How to clear SharePoints Recyclebin via code

What I wanna do:
Implement a code based solution to clear the recycle bin of a SharePoint SiteCollection. 199 more words

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Open a Library with Explorer - "Your Client Does not Support Opening This List with Windows Explorer" Error

It’s a known feature in SharePoint 2007 and 2010 that we can open up a SharePoint Document library in Windows Explorer so that we can simply do bulk operations such as copy/paste multiple set of Documents, Folders etc.… And it’s a common issue which almost every SharePoint Admin may have faced that "Your client does not support opening this list with Windows Explorer" Massage is prompted whenever an user trying to open a Document library with Explorer. 403 more words

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PowerShell Managed/Crawled Properties

To get a useful SharePoint search experience, create custom Search Facets, or target specific metadata we are going to use Managed Properties mapped with Crawled Properties. 893 more words

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SharePoint 2010 RSS Viewer Stuck Loading....

I had a weird issue where my RSS Web Part all of a sudden stopped working. The “loading” GIF was the only thing that would display. 105 more words

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