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How to get WssID for new taxonomy value in the REST Post call?

How to get WssID for new taxonomy value in the REST Post call?

So I looked for this and I found various places to use CSOM or JavaScript way to get the WssId. 36 more words

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How To Extend the Global Navigation Beyond Two Levels

In this post, I will show you how to extend the SharePoint 2013 Global Navigation (Top Navigation) beyond the default of two levels.

When using the Global Navigation either within the Site Collection Navigation properties or with using Managed Metadata, the default level is set to Two within the TopNavigationMenu control in the Masterpage.  18 more words

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How To Create the UPA from Powershell

Creating the User Profile Service Application (UPA) via Powershell is a fairly straightforward process. We only have to follow these steps:

  1. Set Parameters
  2. Create the Service Application…
  3. 319 more words
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How to Save to SharePoint 2013: 3 Different Methods

There are quite a few ways to upload files to SharePoint 2013, below are three of the simplest ways to upload any file with no hassle. 292 more words

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Quick installation of telnet-client on windows server 2012

Execute the following Powershell command:

install-windowsfeature "telnet-client"

The window also verify that my smtp server is ready to serve request.

telnet readylab.net 25


HOWTO Change a SharePoint 2013 Host-Named Site Collection HNSC to a Path-Based Site Collection

I came up with this issue in our DEV SharePoint 2013 environment. I had created a host-named site collection using the powershell command:

New-SPSite -URL… 181 more words

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