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Adding Users/Groups - SharePoint - Powershell

A few times I’ve had to add users to specific SharePoint groups using powershell. I made the below script, which splits up each of the processes in the user creation and permission handling into transparent chunks. 195 more words

Jesper Arnecke

Deploy External user control through SharePoint Solution

Today’s topic actually nothing to do with SharePoint. This topic is same for Asp.Net and .Net applications. But I’m going to do it in SharePoint solution. 67 more words


AQS and KQL: Two query languages for different versions of Exchange

Exchange 2010 uses AQS (Advanced Search Syntax) to construct its discovery searches. Exchange 2013 takes a difference approach and uses KQL (keyword query language). Why the change? 515 more words


How to clear SharePoints Recyclebin via code

What I wanna do:
Implement a code based solution to clear the recycle bin of a SharePoint SiteCollection. 199 more words

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Speaker aux Journées SQL Server 2014 #JSS2014

Bonne nouvelle!

Les Journées SQL Server reviennent pour leur 4ième édition. Il s’agit tout simplement du plus gros événement dédié à SQL Server en France. Et devinez quoi? 158 more words


Free SharePoint 2013 Training and User Adoption Resources

To address user adoption readiness and offer training to everyone in your organization who needs it, I’ve compiled a list of free training resources I’ve been collecting. 288 more words


SharePoint Content Database Manager

I have been quietly working on a Codeplex solution for about a month. The reason I started down this path was to give myself a goal that I could shoot towards from an application development perspective. 593 more words

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