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Rule 5: Ladies of the Jihad Edition

It’s been a while since we’ve done a Rule 5 for submission over at The Other McCain, but our good blog buddies Evil Blogger Lady… 330 more words


Islamic State Stones Couple to Death for 'Crime of Adultery'

A witness said that stones “smaller than a baseball” were specifically chosen to make the death more agonizing.

The Clarion Project

“Religion” of “Peace”

…He indicated that the stoning “was a result of them being caught them acting intimately in one of the houses in the city.” 153 more words


The fate of free speech

by Roger Kimball

…In fact, free speech is like other freedoms: its victory is never permanent. Every generation must work anew to win or at least maintain it.  521 more words


Oklahoma Beheading: Have Our Prisons Become Jihad Factories?

by Roger L Simon

We don’t know details yet of the murder of a woman at Vaughan Foods — an Oklahoma distribution center —  by a co-worker, but we do know that it was a beheading and we do know the alleged suspect — Alton Nolen, 30 — was a new convert to Islam. 369 more words


TERRORISM ON PARADE at the 2014 Muslim Day Parade in New York City

Bare Naked Islam

Last year, we saw a sea of black flags of jihad at the Muslim Day Parade not far from Ground Zero in NYC. 122 more words


Sharia and the U.S. Constitution

By John Guandolo

….Specifically, the U.S. Constitution, in its Preamble, identifies the People as sovereign under our system. Sharia specifically states all of mankind must submit to Islam: “Sovereignty in Islam is the prerogative of Allah Almighty alone.” (Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence, Mohammed Hashim Kalamali) 348 more words