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I'm Ba~ack!

I had every intention of posting regularly to this blog, but life threw me some curveballs that forced me to set aside some of my passions. 100 more words


He says "143"

Lately, i was feeling down, i’m broken hearted, i felt insecure and start asking what’s wrong with myself ’cause there got to be something wrong. ‘Cause everyone in my age now is getting into relationships, suitor problems, breakup stories, crushes, flings and here i am always stuck holding a cup of coffee — alone. 661 more words


Sharing what’s up our sleeve: Android coming to wearables

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Traffic Sharing and Policing

Traffic Sharing and Policing
Crash course in QoS
What is traffic shaping/policing? In a nutshell, policing is dropping packets when the traffic exceeds a certain speed threshold, while shaping is queuing the incoming traffic in order to send it at …

Helpful or homework?

Today while I was making lunch for my family and cleaning the kitchen at the same time (like I normally do) I spent some time thinking about some interesting blog posts. 384 more words

Thoughts on a Thursday - Those Summer Nights...

….tell me more, tell me more (and here ends my tribute to Grease!).

I love going out on summer nights, when the days are as long as they get, night creeps over slowly and you have enough warmth left at the end of the day to spend the evening outside. 121 more words