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Is silence still golden?

Is silence ever healing? Is silence ever quiet? Or does it disquiet and deepen the flow of all that’s being left unsaid? Can all ever be said? 121 more words

Late Night Musings



To Not Plan

Your Day Today!

I arise in the morning torn between

a desire to improve the world

and a desire to enjoy the world. 17 more words


The Yoke Epiphany

The Yoke Epiphany

by Rachel

On my vacation last week to Mount Rainier National Park, Washington, I drove by a huge statue depicting 2 oxen wearing a yoke with a man standing next to them, holding a bar, guiding the oxen I guess… 833 more words


What does it means to engage and be engaging

Engaged, engaging.
1. to occupy the attention or efforts of (a person or persons): He engaged her in conversation.

To be engaged or engaging in someone or something suggest that you are actively involved, and doing something. 171 more words

Hashtag ArchiveDay

I think this is a great idea. While TDNC is still in her infancy, every week, a blog gains a new audience, and as the audiences grow, older posts get buried in the back of the closet. 94 more words



It is a wellspring.
Come soak your cloth in
these cool waters.
Wring it out, and lay it
across your forehead.

Come fill your canteen… 135 more words

Poems By Me


A couple of days ago Sweetykannoth published a post and expressed her views about my blog. I was overwhelmed and so touched by this lovely gesture of hers. 174 more words