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Creation of world's largest marine reserve may not be enough

Last month, the Obama administration vastly expanded the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument in the central Pacific Ocean, creating the world’s largest marine reserve. The monument, originally protected in 2009 by President George W. 485 more words

Conservation Biology

"The head, the tail, the whole damn thing"

So what exactly is taking a bite (pun fully intended) out of global shark populations? One of the major culprits is a practice commonly known as shark finning.  633 more words

Shark Conservation

New Zealand, how I love thee..


Yes!! New Zealand announced recently that they have banned shark finning altogether! See the link I’ve attached and have a read.. It may make you realize just how huge this issue has become. 113 more words

My First Blog Post + What I Am All About

I’m not going to lie. Blogs freak me out a little bit. One because I have never had one and I am not entirely sure how they work (Don’t worry, I will figure it out along the way). 346 more words

Stronger protection for sharks and manta rays

Most comprehensive global effort seen in CITES’ 40-year history to give sharks and manta rays a better chance of surviving
in the wild through robust regulation of international trade. 69 more words

Endangered Species

Citizen Carnage: Materialism & Misconceptions Killing Our Wildlife (Video)

Actress & Environmentalist Kate Bowen plays the role of ‘Citizen Carnage’, a self-centred modern human being leading a materialistic life filled with misconceptions about wildlife, the type of person the world does not need. 179 more words

Shark Finning and its Affect on Our Existence

Every single year over 100,000,000 sharks are killed for their fins for the production of Shark Fin Soup, a delicacy in Asian countries. These creatures are poached for their fins which are cut from their bodies and the living animal is then thrown back into the ocean. 192 more words