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Chains 4

some are visible
some are invisible
some are tied
some are picked up
and some are devious
they look not like chain
yet they tie down… 9 more words

Sharmishtha (trisha) Basu

July joys 28.7.14

Yellow dandellions
adding golden hue
to the green meadow
earth painting
gold green sketch
beautiful contrast
dazzling combination
mile after mile
they spread
green and gold together… 8 more words

Sharmishtha (trisha) Basu.


IV. Goodbye past:

This time I left no stone unturned. As it was my area I tried every door, my relatives, police, I even wrote letters asking legal suggestions about how to put that activity to a stop. 2,425 more words

Sharmishtha (trisha) Basu

my recent posts and wordpress blogs

I often have one or more sticky posts that stay frigid while i keep adding fresh posts, sometimes my friends too get confused when they are looking for the new posts, well they are lined up in the right side column. 442 more words

Sharmishtha (trisha) Basu

Troll Attacks

A beautiful thought:

A warning for my regular readers. I request my regular readers to read this post once to set my conscience at ease.http://mycybernovels.wordpress.com/2010/08/10/a-note-for-all-readers-please-read/

Sharmishtha (trisha ) Basu

Chains 3

with smug little smile
on their arrogant lips
they invade your lives
building an invisible
watchtower around you
observing your every step
you give them that power… 35 more words

Sharmishtha (trisha) Basu