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Thursday rhymes 18.9.14

mouth dry
heart beating fast
tingling sensation
spiders crawling
all over my body
is it love?
alas! I wish twas!
it is a gift of those… 26 more words

Sharmishtha (trisha) Basu

Thursday paints 18.9.14


Have a wonderful weekend and time ahead my dear friends, wish you a fabulous time ahead.

lots of love.


The Thursday posts are in their usual places, 128 more words

Sharmishtha (trisha) Basu

Thursday pages 18.9.14

This gal above is one of a gang of hoodlums that protect our neighbourhood during nights and often drive us nuts by keeping us awake the whole night through! 153 more words

Sharmishtha (trisha) Basu.

Thursday pedagogy 18.9.14

Recently I was reading a post in wp, which I really could not believe, it was saying that by 2017 laboratories will build dwarf human beings in laboratory and use medicines on them, human version of guinea pigs. 49 more words

Sharmishtha (trisha) Basu

Thursday thoughts 18.9.14

Did you know mama crocodiles take care of their kids for full one year? I used to think that they act like tortoises that lay the eggs and forget. 29 more words

Sharmishtha (trisha) Basu

Thursday scribblings 18.9.14

This month is dedicated to those suggestions, orders I did not listened to and was quite blessed because of that.

Number 3

Laughing and loving whenever I could. 93 more words

Sharmishtha (trisha ) Basu

Thursday blog 18.9.14

Feeling blessed is totally one’s own choice I think, I have started to think quite sincerely lately. There are two types of people, one who dont have any complaint against God, even if they are total failure in worldly means and there are those who have only complaints against God, sometimes justified sometimes not. 79 more words

Sharmishtha (trisha) Basu