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Inspiration of the week: Sharon Tate

It always seemed sad to me that whenever the name Sharon Tate is said, it is always in hushed reverent tones. Her name is usually followed by, “Oh that poor woman” or “how horrific was her murder.” All of these sentiments are true. 619 more words


Jon Hamm Finally Addresses the Sharon Tate/Megan Draper Theory On 'Mad Men'

OK, I’m willing to let it go now if y’all are willing to let it go (Disclaimer: Not an actual guarantee). After all, Matthew Weiner has dismissed the Sharon Tate theory… 300 more words


Mad Men: Time Zones

And we’re off to another season of “Man Men,” with a new episode called “Time Zones.”

“Mad Men” has always had a special relationship to the passage of time and over the years we have come to view “Mad Men”-related cultural change through three separate prisms.  2,618 more words

Popular Culture

Is the perception of Art for Art's sake just fool's gold?

In its beginning, art was created as a connection between man and god. The enormity of questions about existence, about ideas and ingenuity—those Why am I here? 1,365 more words


Look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent under't

Lady Macbeth!

Of all the Shakespeare Female Characters

Lady Macbeth is the most fascinating:

Macbeth Polanski 1971

JavaScript required to play Macbeth Polanski 1971… 150 more words

William Shakespeare

Your Reflection

It starts with an uncomfortable glance, a joyful noise that always turns cold when you enter the room, a sense that, perhaps, that whispered vibration in the air contains fallacies and projections related to you. 156 more words

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