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Monday - August 25 Good Day Sunshine

I’ve been listening to the Beatles’ music lately and Good Day Sunshine is one of my favorite songs….so, I was inspired to create some Good Day Sunshine… 19 more words


Monday - August 18 The Dinner Invitation

Last Monday, I posted Chicken Dinner?, and I left an uncertain outcome for Isabella’s chicken. Today, I’m happy to report all is well. Miss Chicken was invited to dinner. 25 more words


Tuesday - August 12 Charles Dickens

I’m back with another teacup drawing. One of my favorite authors, Charles Dickens, is today’s choice. To help me with the drawing, I used a reference photo found on the internet. 11 more words


Monday - August 11 Chicken Dinner?

Create your own ending to this story, I hope the little girl saves the chicken!

Create something today!

(click on image to enlarge)


Day 2 Challenge: Drawing The Line

Today’s challenge was to produce a total of four continuous line drawings, one for each of the following four subjects. A smiling face, a hand holding a soda bottle, a man riding a unicycle, and a running dog. 59 more words


Wednesday - August 6 New Sketch Pad

Good Morning! I recently bought a new sketch pad by Crescent, it’s called Rendr. It is a no-show-through pad. I made two doodle sketches to try it out and I’m very pleased with the paper. 48 more words



Sharpie Pen and Sharpie Pro King Size Marker

For this portrait we used a photo of Sarah Orchard. Sarah makes portraits, too. Her work appears in the first issue of art zine… 25 more words