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Project LV One - Day 202 - Pen and Sharpie

I must have got used to the fumes but at the moment I just can’t leave the Sharpies alone.  I see an interesting image and I just have to draw it.   122 more words

Project LV One

3/4 of 100 mandalas.


We seem to be having another small heat wave here in the south of the UK with temperature’s still reaching 19 degrees and in some places above that, however the north of the country is beset by heavy rains and winds, one never quite knows what the weather will do next. 152 more words


Funky Owl


October has arrived in a swathe of rain and wind but still relatively mild, which makes one wonder what is best to wear ! We can’t complain though Summer was beautiful and extended into September and I had many good days outside with friends. 168 more words

Mircon Pens

Postcard Art


I have noticed over the past weeks that I have picked up some new followers, and likes so thank you very much for stopping by and taking an interest. 100 more words