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Brick wall

If you could throw anything against a brick wall what would it be?

Just Curious

Confused. Shattered. Tell me.

I hate it, one day we’re like good and now you’re being rude
Are we just playing? Tell me now ‘cause I want to stop this craziness immediately. 217 more words


Stop it.

Then tell me dear what happened to us

We’re nothing but bits and pieces of shattered souls

And now please stop me from loving you.


Unfounded Fear

I have long entertained the unfounded fear that, one day, I will turn to find the face of a desperate man watching me from behind the glass window. 17 more words


Wishing for a Unicorn

I started writing this back at the beginning of June 2013 and it’s been sitting on my desktop ever since. Every once in a while I change a word or open it to read it. 66 more words

For She Loves You This Much

“It is natural to want to leave the realm of death and spin quickly into rebirth, to put everything back together, and to resolve the contractions. 39 more words