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Spelman College Dance Theatre "Shattered"

Fall Dance Concert, featuring Ciara Dianne Dance Company


Two For The Price Of One

Well, this is a first!
Today I have two different articles on two different websites—Shattered Magazine and Start Marriage Right.

I’ve written for both of these websites before. 115 more words


Beautifully Broken

She is beautifully broken,
A stunning mosaic of shards,
Her undoing was foretoken,
She is beautifully broken.
Her fate is sealed but unspoken,
Her psyche is a house of cards, 14 more words



Alone inside this lonesome room.
An empty chair sits beside me.
I have become lost within this place.
Deep below this rotten sea.
Yearning for that lingering embrace. 80 more words



I am deserted like a broken house
left by owners now distressed
by angles and curvature not quite right
and colder shallows in the rooms… 102 more words


How's the World Treating You?

sung by Chris Isaak

I’ve had nothing but sorrow
Since you said we were through
There’s no hope for tomorrow
How’s the world treating you? 65 more words

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