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Floating Away In Every Direction

The empty space that incapacitates our hearts

The space we leave open for something we hope

Something we dream, something we long, something we crave… 195 more words


One day someone told me to hold the little things in life.Grab them n love them,for one day you will find them the most precious ones, Early morning rising ahhhh the colors on the sky are amaizing.Fast and long drives actually make you happy.Don’t care about bad hair on a windy day,enjoy it for it is also beautiful in its own way!!! 272 more words

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If Only (The Echo Chronicles)

The Echo Chronicles: Volume 1: Letter 3

Dear Person,

I only have memories- fragments, really, of the time we spent together. There is nothing real anymore, no way to bring you back, just so I can feel your arms around my arms when I’m feeling down, or hear your voice when I need it most. 192 more words


Poem on Shattered Dreams

Hello everyone!

Here is a poem on Shattered Dreams.  Thanks for viewing it!

Shattered Dreams

When I was a little girl

I wanted to become a doctor… 156 more words


Who Cares?

I am liking this 20 words a day thing. Though I need to really struggle hard, mostly because I need to really strive to take out the time to do this. 266 more words


Shattered nebula.

I was okay
I heard
your voice
my heart a
shattered nebula
not because
I missed you
for once
I grieved
what we
never… 7 more words

Poem And Prose


“The most introspective of souls are often those that have been hurt the most.” – Shannon L. Alder

This past year has been quite challenging emotionally, but I’ve slowly learn to pick the shattered pieces up from the ground one piece at a time.   196 more words