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Hall of Kings

I lie amongst the brave and true
And listen to the wind
For somewhere in the ocean blue
Are the graves of the evil and sinned. 49 more words



For a thing to shatter, in most cases it is beyond repair. The pieces of the whole too broken and scattered to rebuild. My children may be broken, they may be in despair, they may even be shattered by life’s experiences, but you must know, there is no fragmented version of yourself that is beyond repair in My eyes. 309 more words


Shattered Blog Tour - Day 11

It’s day eleven. Wow, it’s gone by so fast. Only a few days left of the Shattered blog tour.

I absolutely love when other people relate to and love my characters. 74 more words



Some things when they break can shatter into a million there isn’t enough glue in the world to put this back together pieces or into a few repairable big pieces.  481 more words


Right now, I feel like I’m holding my life together, like you might hold a broken dish together, trying to retain its shape.

I feel like someone keeps putting fruit, and marbles, and other things in my dish, and I like it, because I can handle it. 192 more words

Shattered Blog Tour - Day 10

Day ten of the Shattered blog tour has arrived.

It’s been amazing. So many people have embraced Shattered and love Mattie and Bastian’s story.

Here is what… 108 more words


Rust and Shatter

Like me, do you ever look at old abandoned places and wonder what they were once like when they were in their prime?  I’ve often wished I had a time machine where I could go back in time to just view what they once were or in lieu of that (and much safer if you’ve ever watched any science fiction movies you know something always goes awry with time travel; those darn butterflies) look up the building online to find out its once upon a time.  66 more words