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36. Shaun of the Dead

And here, we’ve arrived at the final zombie movie. In earlier days, we looked at Return of the Living Dead, Dead Alive, Resident Evil — spots from all around the subgenre’s massive spectrum. 445 more words

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Don't need nothing but a good time, how can I resist? Five movies that I can't not watch, at least for a little while

There are a few movies that whenever I come across them whilst flipping channels I just can’t pass by. Once I catch the merest snippet of a scene from one of these films I am pretty much all in until the final credits roll. 2,350 more words

You got red on you

This post’s title suggests that it may have something to do with the movie Shaun of the Dead…..but it doesn’t.  Just a pretty cardinal sitting in an evergreen tree.

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Hello I am making a zombie game and I want to make a car vehicle sorta like the boat or airship ones.

My game is a zombie game that mimics the movie “shaun of the dead” 697 more words

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