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Guideline into the scary unknown

Some people tend to shy away from horror or anything related to the genre. And, its okay for people too. Horror tends to play on people’s mind; when you read or watching something horror related then it’s obvious that you’re going to remember it later on. 414 more words


Amazing SHAUN OF THE DEAD Comics Style Fan Art by Anthony Petrie

Amazing SHAUN OF THE DEAD Comics Style Fan Art by Anthony Petrie

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Are Zombies the new Vampires?

When Twilight was on the rise it seemed like ever young adult was obsessed. From there began the rise of the Vampire. Every other movie seemed to be based off a teen and her new found “mysterious” lover – who happened to be a vampire. 395 more words

Horrorible Review: "Shaun of the Dead"

Enjoy this Monday with Mildred!

This is also a Zombie World Tour post!

Shaun of the Dead

“They go to where they’re familiar.”  I don’t mind watching gory, harsh zombie movies, but this is a monster that couldn’t be more well suited to comedy and this is my preferred mode.  596 more words

Horrorible Review

Five Movies You Must See and Why

Anyone who knows me, can say one thing; that I have a massive love for movies. Any type, from horror to Disney, its all good for me. 506 more words

My Top Ten Horror Movies

Horror movies as a genre tend to get a bit of a bad press.  Like rom-coms, there are loads of terrible attempts, and, moreso in horror, sequels are churned out with little innovation or effort. 655 more words

Top 10

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