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Scarefest Countdown No. 11: Shaun of the Dead

This isn’t a parody of the great George Romero zombie movies as much as a loving embrace. I’ve spoken to Romero about “Shaun” and he loves it. 163 more words


HTML variable image width with fixed height

Im hitting a road block here. I have a dynamic site, where the user uploads images, and it displays it on the page. Thats all fine and dandy, but im sure we have all ran into the scenario where images of a non defined size can really mess up our graphical presentation by overflowing and pushing other elements. 73 more words


Almost perfect

During the last couple of weeks on my Facebook feed, there have been friends of mine who have “liked” several news stories about babies that showed up on my newsfeed. 634 more words


regex failing to parse number from 0-23

Why is this js regex failing to parse a number from 0-23?

pattern = /(?|2)/
"12".match(pattern) // => matches 12
"23".match(pattern) // => matches 2 (expected 23)
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Je T'aime French Love song Music Video by Shaun Alexander Fashion Photography workshops

JeT’aime French Love song made as a part of a music video and photography workshops. model : Kristin Stephensonpino . Camera used: Nikon D8000 and edited on …
by Internet Archive Book Images

Orange Night Out

This weekend quickly went from “I have nothing to do” to two big nights out. Friday in particular because my friend Shaun and I decided to get dressed up for no particular reason and go dancing. 34 more words


Character Pointers and Space Searching

I have this very simple lab task to do, where all I need to do is print out the characters in a string twice, unless it’s a space. 136 more words