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Haha, Ohhh The Audacity!

Here it is again. This empty, melodic, mind-numbing feeling. Once again, I’m surrounded by ghosts. Annoying creatures who torture my mind with dark thoughts. But they’re the only things on this planet that acknowledge my existence. 238 more words

Random Reads

This Is England (Shane Meadows, 2006)

Overview- The film is about a troubled boy living in England in the 80s who is take under the wing of a group of skinheads. However he soon joins some nationalists who want to keep England, English. 174 more words

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This is England '86 ( Shane Meadows,2010) ( Number 2)

Okay so I literally just did a post about this movie but that a was a review, this time we’ve been set a task to basically Wikipedia the movie, so that translates to say everything there is about this movie. 385 more words


Welcome To The Circus

The intensity of the music pulses through my veins. I get filled up with energy to do something. But instead I sit here and do nothing. 255 more words

Random Reads

Scarefest Countdown No. 11: Shaun of the Dead

This isn’t a parody of the great George Romero zombie movies as much as a loving embrace. I’ve spoken to Romero about “Shaun” and he loves it. 163 more words


HTML variable image width with fixed height

Im hitting a road block here. I have a dynamic site, where the user uploads images, and it displays it on the page. Thats all fine and dandy, but im sure we have all ran into the scenario where images of a non defined size can really mess up our graphical presentation by overflowing and pushing other elements. 73 more words


Almost perfect

During the last couple of weeks on my Facebook feed, there have been friends of mine who have “liked” several news stories about babies that showed up on my newsfeed. 634 more words