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Lukshon mit piteh und kase. (Hot noodles with butter, cinnamon and cheese)

When my parents became grandparents for the first time, I was fascinated to see what this new inter-generational relationship would be like, never having had grandparents of my own.   408 more words


Shabbat Emor 5774--Shabbat Torah Study--Ruth Bergman-- Whose Field Is It Anyway?

Everyone is probably familiar with the Ruth story, how she gathered from the fields the wheat that had fallen during the harvest – the gleanings. This week’s Parasha references the mitzvah of Peah and Leket, leaving the edges of the field and not picking up wheat or other crops being harvested that have fallen to the ground. 262 more words

Lovely Lemony Cheesecake

There’s a festival in Judaism called Shavuot that rocks around usually about May time. It commemorates a time in the bible when the Jewish people wandered around outside eating dairy foods such as cheese. 582 more words

Student Cooking

Yehovah's Date Days

Recently, I had the opportunity to write my personal summary of the beauty contained within Yehovah’s Date Days! Can’t wait till my next date day with Him! 833 more words

Our Creator's Set Apart Days