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Why Yes, There HAS Been A Little Knitting

Sometimes, it’s just a question of “What ball will I drop this week?”

The workplace move went very well, all things considered. Moving technology is always dicey but, we’re up and more or less running with the expected glitches. 174 more words


#newoffice #settledandworking #andgo

The work move went exceptionally well with only a few minor glitches. No mean feat when you’re talking a Government office, healthcare records, electronic equipment and phones! 127 more words


Make It Mon... Oh Hell, I Give Up...

I got nuthin’ but WIP’s. I am whipping them good!

Finally getting some quality time with the PP MKAL Clue 7, the border and it goes quickly when I actually knit and not over on my sister blog, writing. 45 more words


Yarn Pr0n

I had to step out on my stash. This beauty showed up in an email and there were so many reasons to buy it. Exclusive colourway, 100% spun silk, laceweight… 97 more words


And... We're Back

My knitting is all about the WIP’s still and most look rather the same as last time, so no pictures. I do have my Ravellenics medals: 35 more words


WIP Wednesday

One more FO first:

Slow but sure, I’m getting this particular lot of Noro Silk Garden Aran used up. It started life as the “Tula” Cardigan and unfortunately, I misplaced the notes for that one. 145 more words