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Day 10 – (Randomly doing multiple days in a go) How I feel about my scars.

I don’t know, some days they’re wow, other days they’re just depressing. 335 more words

Day 9 – Have I ever taken photos of my wounds.

Yes. Well to me, I find my cuts beautiful. I find the art of destroying myself beautiful yet depressing. 153 more words

Day 8 – The most supportive thing anyone has said about SH-ing.

Nothing. Nothing supportive. Nope. No.

Fuck, I’ve started doing a lot again.

Bleeding’s fun.

I’m numb.


how to wrap cURL so you can use your command line editor to work with Cloudant Query?

I’m looking for a single shell script that wraps common cURL operations for Cloudant Query.

The shell script should allow you to:

  • create a query using json embedded in the script…
  • 59 more words

Day 7 – Things that calm me down.
Mostly subjective.

1. Listening to BMTH songs. I don’t know why. But they help.

2. Music box music. 209 more words

Day 5&6 – What do I like and dislike about SH-ing.

スキ : Seeing my blood flow, that adrenaline rush afterward, having to hide cuts and pretend isolates me from my surroundings for better or worse, I get scars to remind myself the pains of being alive, being able to punish myself, prevent myself from crying, numbing myself, having a blade to rely on when nothing else helps, the fun. 99 more words

Resuming the SHC.

Day 4 – Am I addicted?

Well, a little now that I just did it on sunday. I feel tempted to do it now but I’m wearing light grey tights and I don’t want to get addicted. 96 more words