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Phantom phone vibrations

I was standing in the kitchen, making myself an nice cup of cappuccino and all of a sudden my phone vibrated. Ah! A new message from my lover perhaps? 62 more words


Radio XL, side A, track 9: "She Blinded Me With Science" by Thomas Dolby

Oh, Thomas Dolby, this song made me want to meet two people and neither of them were you.  Don’t get me wrong, Thomas Dolby, I’d already fallen in love with your music… 541 more words


Have you ever said "Let's do this thing" only to immediately have second thoughts?

I know I have. I did just today, but then I brushed it aside with some of that “You only live once” nonsense, and now I’m paying the price, big time! 34 more words

Watch the sun - without burning your eyes out...

How to watch the sun…. Without burning your eyes out!

Come out and learn, meet Ben, see the Mobile Observatory

Bring a donation for the Daily Bread Food Bank! 24 more words