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Pronouns Make A Difference

Ever since I was given a feminism/gender lecture for debate, I have been extremely careful filtering what I call people. He, she, her, him, guys, girls even Mr. 144 more words


She’s got a fire in her soul
She is igniting everything around her.
You try to smother her flame,
She’ll burn you.

You can see the spark in her eyes, 110 more words

Light Odds And Ends


He and she had made several plans in various ways, shapes, and forms to get married. They were never sure when nor where they should hold such an occasion. 1,465 more words

The Why and the Reason

Today is the day. I am starting a new adventure on this blog and I can’t wait to see where it takes me.¬†Every hint and trick to starting your own blog tells you that you need to find your niche that your passionate about and go from there. 221 more words



Food, I have always believed is the cure of all grief. To strengthen it further, homemade snacks in a hostel far away from home had really helped me make friends. 554 more words

I Love You with all my Heart... Is that Enough?

This was one of the epic AHA moments for me in life. How many times have you questioned whether or not someone truly loved you? How many times have you defined love by actions, words, or attention? 300 more words


It must be hard I know, to listen to someone who only knows how to rant. Even a story she says sounds more like a rant. 107 more words

Food For Thought