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On the edges of your fading lipstick,

the hills are dancing with desire.


She, Footnote

I finished She with Episode 5. The plan was to maybe write six episodes but, looking at where the story took me, I felt like it had reached a satisfactory conclusion. 110 more words


She, Episode 5

There’s nothing more depressing than having people try to save you: seeing the serious faces of my friends after hearing of my assault on the cunt, his revenge on me and my near-death experience; feeling their hands, firm but gentle, on my shoulder; hearing the wariness in their voices as if I was going to grab a rope and string myself from the rafters. 984 more words


My Rant...

I’m going to skip all the basic bullshit.  I am who I am and no one needs to know or even cares how I got there. 412 more words

Space Holder

You want me to be his space holder,
Which is, quite frankly, fine with me.
Trust, I will not lose any sleep.
Though, I can’t help but question… 22 more words


When it Rains it Pours

The past few weeks he and she filled their time with work and preparing for the impending school year. Hers began a week earlier than his, though she wouldn’t be able to participate in the learning. 661 more words


She fears the stars,
For they are too bright for her eyes.
She fears the moon,
For it seems too calm to be true.

She fears the smile on her lips, 106 more words