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Taking a break

My knee kneeds (hee) some time to heal, so now that the roof is mostly on, I’m going to stop working for a little while.  My doctor had told me to stay off of it for a couple months and knit or something, but I just couldn’t til now.  926 more words

I Buckle And Ask For Help (again).

It’s taken quite a bit longer than anticipated, but my roof is nearly finished!  An old boyfriend came to my aid and helped me haul the super-heavy roll of EPDM up the 14 feet or so to the roof top late Sunday.  561 more words

From the Sublime to the Mundane

Sheating and roofing continued today. It was very consoling to see some tender loving care being lavished on our old church frame and heartening to see how her profile is taking its part in the overall profile of the new church. 89 more words

A Time To Build

I. Am. Exhausted.

Putting a roof on is so much work!

First, all the decisions to make: roof style (gable, gambrel, arched, flat?), whether or not to put in dormers (light and precious, precious space added, depending on what roof style), how much insulation, what type of insulation? 747 more words

Protecting Our Barn Raiser From The Elements + Window Reconfiguration Ideas

So, I’ve been doing some more research on our Zip System sheathing, and it turns out they can be left exposed for up to 180 days. 1,055 more words

Our Tiny House Build Plans

Up On The Rooo-ooofff...

The roof is going up!   A little later than planned, but weather and finances, health and mood all have to come together in a perfect storm.   1,314 more words

Offline Antics

I just got a taste of off-grid life I’ve been dreading ~ no internet.  I’m still in the middle of a city, and cut off from my life-line…. 489 more words