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Taking action is the only way to solve our issues and change our circumstances.

It sounds obvious, but many people overlook this simple fact.

If we don’t take action, don’t change something – nothing will change for the better. 240 more words

Another dream was born ...

He told me it would be a week.  Out shopping with my daughters He showed me a tree and said…”in a week it will bloom …. 212 more words

"Painted Shepherdess"

A small piece of my flock/family on a windy day.

Praying to the Lambing Goddess

My 18-month old ewe, Marley, began her labor yesterday morning around 6:30am. It was her first lambing season, and naturally the sheep was confused. As any mother can relate, the first time giving birth can be very confusing and scary, even if we are fully informed. 574 more words

Pick and mix

Easter break began with easter eggs and a movie with laughter and friends. I have been dancing and gone to cafées, discussed life’s greatness and wondered about our smallness. 102 more words

Photos And Observations

How to eat grass

There’s nothing that the sheep on our farm look forward to more, than their first trip into the pastures after a long winter in the sheep barn. 97 more words