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The Side Yard Project Begins

“Broke ground” on the side yard project yesterday, though of course since I’m using permaculture methods, I didn’t actually break any ground but instead started building on top of it with cardboard, newspaper, compost, and mulch — the process of sheet-mulching.  732 more words


The title begs a question.  In our brochure we give a synopsis of what we think community supported agriculture, or a CSA is.  However, the focus of this post is, “Is it working?  

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Albany Vermont

Second Thoughts on Sod Removal

After attending the Indiana Flower and Patio Show, I came away with new info on grass removal.

I talked to the Master Gardeners manning the Purdue Extension booth to find out their thoughts on how to get rid of the grass on our future vegetable garden site.  272 more words

Midwest Gardening

First Time Farmers

Yesterday, Tay and I were lucky enough to be able to visit a working permaculture farm. Farming, specifically permaculture and biodynamic systems, is something that has interested us for years. 768 more words


“Mow no Mo’!” or “How to remove your lawn”

Are you tired of mowing and edging your lawn, or for paying to have that done for you? Wouldn’t it be great to save money on your water bill? 216 more words

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Sheet Mulching your Lawn

February is holding onto Guelph with full strength, right up to it’s last breath. It’s -34 with the windchill here tonight and this bitter winter is going to make spring 2014 even more sweet. 2,028 more words

Yes We Can...With Cardboard

Natural farming and permaculture methods are incredibly instructive when it comes to preserving resources and especially, human labor. The farms’ newly minted raised beds offer us an opportunity to reclaim some waste materials while reducing our need to toil in the soil any more than we need to. 163 more words

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