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The beauty of Sheet Mulching

Sheet mulching is the laziest, effective way to convert lawn to Eden. The secret is in the soil. Invasive limu (seaweed), EM water, compost teas, composted chicken manure, fish emulsion, bokashi are all excellent soil boosters in that they attract microorganisms that help your plants protect and feed themselves. 515 more words


Undoing 3 Years of Procrastination in 6 Days

Oh yeah! I am serious.  

Finally! Enough is enough.  

Enough of the weeds, the tall grass, the wood chip heaps, the dirt dug for trees and then tossed aside.   539 more words


Welcome to Yarducopia!

Thanks for finding our brand spankin new blog!  We are in the middle of cleaning up the garden in preparation for winter, so check back soon for updates, news, tidbits of interest and all kinds of great content!   28 more words