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Here's A Look At The Mighty Sheik In Hyrule Warriors

Nintendo Japan and Koei Tecmo have posted a new Hyrule Warriors trailer this time featuring Sheik from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. You can watch Sheik go to town on the legions of enemies with the Goddess Harp. 17 more words


Sheik - Roll Deep When Emir...

Obviously, as a grime blogger, my principal concern is grime music, but, every now and then, ¬†when I come across a producer capable of making so much more than grime, boxing them off as a “grime producer” doesn’t really tell the full story, and this is certainly the case with… 1,169 more words

Grime Instrumental

New Hyrule Warriors Characters + Trailers! [Updated On 7/30/14]

As many of you know, I few of our favorite characters from Ocarina of Time have joined the Hyrule Warriors roster and they even already have a trailer showcasing not just the newcomers, but the characters that have been around since the release. 77 more words


New Hyrule Warriors Characters Announced!

It was revealed through some Famitsu scans and some new trailers, that joining the playable characters roster in Hyrule Warriors, will be Princess Ruto, Sheik, and Darunia! 61 more words


Mix It Up

Just another Monday. Welcome to the week, guys. I’m fully back to it. I’m excited to be back in the thick of the blog, it has after all, my home. 132 more words