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I'm a New Mom!

Okay, before you jump to any crazy conclusions, no, I do not have a child, but then again it sure feels like it. A week and a half ago I bought a puppy, and I’d say it’s damn near close enough to having a baby. 333 more words


My future boyfriend

It doesn’t always have to be serious and deep. :-)


Project Nodlehs Final Post

Whlie Heading home today, Sheldon and I have been delayed for 5 hours at the airport. This means for 5 hours Sheldon has been lecturing me on the superiority of traveling by train and giving me looks of haughty derision.

Big Bang Theory

Project Nodlehs Post #6

Soft kitty,warm kitty

little ball of fur.

Happy kitty, sleepy kitty

purr, purr, purr.


Big Bang Theory

a step into the unknown.

Scene from “Duck Soup” (1933).

Confessional: despite the fact that I blog about my love life, I actually have very little relationship experience.

Yeah, ironic, I know. 762 more words

Modern Love