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Extract last day file zip with shell script

Now I get a new experience in the manipulation of files using shell script. In this condition I got a challenge to select the file on the last day, and in a compressed zip file. 70 more words


Simple shell script to monitor status of Workflow Notification Mailer

The Workflow Notification Mailer, along with the Concurrent Managers, is a critical component of any EBS R12.1.x system.

If the Notification Mailer is down for any reason then notifications will quickly start building up. 235 more words

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How to check if a file is open or not using Cocoa/Objective-C?

First let me make it clear that we are not discussing about finding if a application is running or not, which can be found out very easily by using   502 more words

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Programmatically retrieving System Information on MAC

Let us first see how to view system information on Mac manually
To find the Mac OS version and memory information, go to the Apple menu and choose “About This Mac”. 1,076 more words

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Simple shell script to monitor long-running concurrent requests

Here’s another simple script to monitor concurrent requests in an EBS R12.1.x environment: this one checks for any requests that have been running for more than 1 hour. 478 more words

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Emailing correctly formatted output from SQL*Plus

When writing database shell scripts, we often need to send output from SQL*Plus via email.

However the output in the mail client (typically Outlook) is usually not formatted as it appears in SQL*Plus. 91 more words

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Check OSX Mavericks Powersettings With Shell Script

Instead of using puppet or profiles to check and set the OS X energy settings. I also wrote a simple script that checks the current status of “Computer Sleep”. 104 more words

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