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Pet Of The Week

Please meet “Truffle!” Every week, the Western PA Humane Society brings in a wonderful pet who needs a home.  This week, “Truffle” came to us and she is the sweetest 5 year old Pit Bull mix who loves people and does tricks.  13 more words


Gone With The Weird: (No) Need For Seed

We’re obsessed with the nineties. There’s no way to get around it: college-age kids starting peddling nineties nostalgia on the net to for cheap page views and we ate it up. 1,723 more words


"I have never met a vampire personally, but I don't know what might happen tomorrow"*...


Readers will know of the evening in 1816, on the shores of Lake Geneva, when a challenge from her husband-to-be and his friend Lord Byron… 351 more words

Pet Of The Week

Seriously.  Almost took this little one home.  Looks just like my daughter Sarah’s kitten Oscar.  But THIS is “Radar.”  I held him on my lap close to my heart, just hugging him, and his little head rested on my arm the whole time.  43 more words


Oh, Poetry

Today is Day 19 Thank you for joining me. May you have eyes to discover and unwrap, the poetry in your Sunday.

And listen to the music. 8 more words


135.365 (4 of 79)

As I’ve just been born, I can’t yet know that I will have swum in the Sea of Cortez with two naked girlfriends as frigate birds scissor above saguaro — then, as now, hunger and boredom rule my mole-eyed view, until sunlight, say, strikes the fall trees dumb to tell me I am no breath of autumn’s being, but rather something much more numb.


#22 - RPG characters

Lizzie and her group’s roleplaying characters. George is the Games Master.