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King of Kings

A fact of life: Everyone must die. It’s not just people or animals; kingdoms rise and fall. Nothing lasts forever. However this is not a bad thing. 215 more words


Remembering Shelley's Ozymandias

Ozymandias is, of course, the subject of a short sonnet by Percy Shelley.  It appeared in 1818 and we might think of it as an early example of the romantic vision of decadence. 63 more words


Prometheus Uncreased

No-one could press a shirt
Like Percy Bysshe Shelley.
It said in a programme
I saw on the telly.

He would flatten with flair
Like a hero Byronic, 10 more words

Odds And Sods

Melodic Bellagio, vivid as a watercolor

You may have the universe if I may have Italy. -Giuseppe Verdi

A great deal has changed since Verdi spoke those famous words one hundred and fifty years ago, but the thought remains timeless.

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Ceci n'est pas une food blog.

First and foremost, this is not a food blog.  I am not setting out to become the next Pioneer Woman or Minimalist Baker.  I honestly don’t want this to become that kind of responsibility.   119 more words


A Terrible Good...

The following is a poem I wrote some time ago, in the style of a Cento; which is a form composed entirely of quotes from other authors. 423 more words