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Day 39 - A little something

A sensitive plant in a garden grew,
And the young winds fed it with silver dew,
And it opened its fan-like leaves to the light,

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pt. II of “Victor Frankenstein in the Underworld”

Despite my prior bout of disbelief,
My strong desire to hear what Vic would say
And meet the heir of legend’s noblest thief… 223 more words

Immortal Verse

#6 - Flashback: How they met - Shelley

Lizzie seems to have had a subtle influence on her gamer friends…


Day 38 - Really?

The inner child today, spoke loudly.

Hold my hand.

Let’s go for a walk. Somewhere I can feel and taste the Green-ness = obligatory landscape in watercolour. 49 more words


Before Meeting Frankenstein...

[...in the Underworld"]

”and standing there is Victor Frankenstein:
The scientist who’s mad imagination
And sober skill combined to dream, design,
Then bring to life a wild abomination. 341 more words

Immortal Verse


Childhood and youth, friendship and love’s first glow,

Have fled like sweet dreams, leaving thee to mourn.

Shelley To Wordsworth

Inspire Me!

A Day with the Romantic Poets

“When you become creative in any field,” stated, “your creativity is released in all other fields at the same time.” . . . believed that if you know one thing completely, it serves as a center—like a magnet around which iron filings coalesce—for all your other knowledge.  381 more words