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Fathoms of Hopefulness ~ Update on Me and Jim

Points of hopelessness
Dots of despair
Junctures of painfulness
Spots of heightened care

Inklings of uneasiness
Moments of tears
Situations of dreadfulness
Nights of worrisome fears… 582 more words


Some thoughts on a grey morning after a bad night

I just woke up (again), having been woken up at 6:30 by the cat, and now it is after noon. It was a bad night, a whole lot of booming going on. 1,086 more words


waterproof shelter for a fire dragon

Our ‘thriving with the trees’ weekend in the children’s garden brought out this shelter….burdock, phragmites, and other local invaders create the roof.

Evergreen Brick Works

Tornado near Denver International Airport drives travelers into shelters

A tornado very near the Denver International Airport Monday afternoon grounded flights and sent plenty of airline passengers into storm shelters.

A tornado has been spotted near DIA.

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Outdoor Survival Training Course; My Gastropod-Riddled Nightmare

It’s Sunday afternoon, and I don’t smell very nice. I have also been bitten on the arse.

While I know a number of people for whom that would be a pretty run-of-the-mill result for an average weekend, it’s been an unusual one for me. 3,714 more words


Teasers: Preview of "Extant" 1.04 - "Shelter" (Airing July 30 2014)

Attention “Extant” fans! CBS has finally released a high quality preview of “Extant” 1.04 – “Shelter,” airing July 30, 2014. In this episode, Molly… 66 more words


Harls Barkley

We got a dog.. We got a DOG! :) :D :) I’ve been begging Trav since the initial “we’re moving out” for a dog to no avail, which made sense seeing as how we hadn’t actually moved, let alone had the funds to really compensate a dog.. 558 more words