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Homeless In New York

As of January 2014, there are approximately 53,615 people who are homeless in New York City. 22,712 of those are children.

Tonight I got the opportunity to go around the upper west side with a good friend, who makes it his mission to go out once or twice a week to take the time and speak to the homeless, offer to buy them food, give them a cigarette, bring them to a shelter and just the simple act of having a conversation with these people.. 405 more words


They pass in columns
Ordered rows of chaos
A stirring in their eyes
Agitated by experience
That loss of innocence
Clouding perspective
Robotic in the shuffle… 75 more words


Otto & Wendy Video! (Otto needs out by 4/17/14!)

Otto & Wendy Video!
Both of these babies are at ACCT Philly waiting to be adopted!
Otto is urgent-needs out by 4/17/14! Otto is the brindle male.

Desert Places: A Prayer


Remembering that the Lord will fill up our emptiness and give us life to tend to the needs of others. I wrote this poem while driving through the Negev desert over spring break, but it seems to be a good prayer for today as well. 89 more words

Poetical Moments

Are You Feline the Connection?

Face it. Cats rule the world.
They walk around, thinking that they’re the boss. They rule the world, and I’m pretty sure, in their heads, we’re… 268 more words


OBI (One Beautiful Idea)

In 2012, after Hurricane Sandy hit the Northeast, we were displaced from our poor broken little house for 6+ months. We were fortunate enough to have the resources to find a place to live while we waited for our home to be restored, but not everyone in the world is so lucky.