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Lune Valley Agility Show

Hurro, it me, Ludo! Last weekend Me and Mum went to another agility show that our… 4th show this year. We camped. We were supposed to camp for 2 nights but the first night it be raining and windy so Mum decided to get up early in the morning instead. 337 more words


CONVERSATION WITH FRODO ( about dad ) pt.2

RAQUEL : Hey Frodo & Wendy, how are you? Just home to pick up a few things and then heading out again.

FRODO : Is dad home? 50 more words

Cartoon Strip

Spread some good

This weekend reminded me of something small, but important to the agility community. Maybe beyond that: to something we’re taught at a young age.


(Please accept these sunset Bolt pictures as an apology for my following mini-rant.) 749 more words

Coversation with Frodo (about dad)

FRODO : When does dad come home from the hospital?

RAQUEL: Most likely in 2 days

FRODO : So he’s probably going to be wearing a cone for a week or 2, right? 49 more words

Cartoon Strip

Beach barking

I hope you has not beed worrying about where I be. We beed all over the place, walking and to agility shows and gardening and stuff like that and just enjoying the nice early summer. 167 more words

Sound Desensitization - One Dog Barking

Sound desensitization works wonder with dogs who will react to other dog barking.

Sound DS – One dog barking

JavaScript required to play Sound DS – One dog barking… 106 more words


Only "Wan"

Just a quick post to get things started:

Tuuli, Tegwen and Teal have been living together for three weeks today. They are currently all running around playing in the dining room and our adopted cat, Sweep, is glaring at them all from her throne- the dining room table. 71 more words

Border Collie