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Initial cultural comparisons or just life routine comparisons..

For the past few days I noticed that I keep comparing or referring to China, ironic that though I have to admit even as I am not the biggest fan of living in China at times (a combo of being there too long + career dissatisfaction + getting too comfortable/easy) that it ripples into much of who I am. 167 more words


Halloween Shopping in SZ - Party Jumbo

Even though Halloween is the second most popular holiday in the U.S. (Americans will spend over $7.4 billion on Halloween-related items this year), it is only just now catching on in China. 276 more words


A farewell to China

I’m sitting now at HK airport, out of one adventure and diving into a completely new one. After a semi-power nap and crazy re packing this morning after the previous evenings KTV I made it. 554 more words


My farewell gathering

Photo taken by me – Canon EOS M

A ritual I have been longing for quite some time, it’s strange to think that even some of the most important/interesting people I’ve met are no longer at this city to attend my farewell (attended theirs instead). 203 more words


Counting down for my bold move

Lately been having trouble sleeping..5 days left and my brain will not quit and let me sleep.

I guess it seems fitting to try and attempt blogging once again. 160 more words


DEAREST Shenzhen!

We love Shenzhen, we love its sumptuousness as well as its shabbiness. We love its skyscrapers as much as its urban villages. When a movie features Shenzhen, we hold it DEAREST among all films. 111 more words


Conversation with a cab driver

No one knows a city’s streets better than cab drivers. And no one hears more random personal stories than cab drivers. Conversing with them can give you a unique look into a city’s soul. 115 more words