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My Next Step in Life -- Seminary

Seminary is kind of a weird word that has so many weird stereotypes, images and connotations connected with it. A lot of people hear seminary and think of monks separating themselves from society, catholic priests dressed oddly and endless talk of inapplicable matters. 697 more words

Spring Emerges

In my last post, I talked about feeding Shirley’s ram and ewe some supplementary milk replacer.

Trying to supplement these lambs over the course of the last week has been less fun and tender than I thought! 332 more words


What is Unnecessary in an Assistant Pastor

If I were to ever have an assistant pastor to aid me in pastoral ministry, there are several Biblical qualities I can think of.  However, there is certainly one item that I would not desire in an assistant.   298 more words


Experiencing Joy Among God's Flock

A few weeks ago I shared an article that detailed several prayer requests that a congregation can pray for her pastor. With that in mind, it seems appropriate to offer pastors several prayer requests pray for the congregation among whom our Lord has given you to serve (1 Peter 5:2). 792 more words

Ministry Of The Word

The Confessions of a Pastor

Holy Father, all of us serve at Your bidding as undershepherds of the Great Shepherd of the sheep – our Lord Jesus Christ. First of all, we ask Your forgiveness for the times that we have taken for granted the awesome privilege we have to serve as a divinely-appointed shepherd to watch over Your sheep. 293 more words

Devotional Thoughts

The Uncertainty Principle

Sheep, if they have a modicum of intelligence are suspicious buggers, and when their suspicions are aroused are less biddable than you’d have thought. At times Llanwenogs seem the most wary of all – the problem usually kicks in if the sheep has a bit of time to ‘think about it’. 981 more words


preparing for what's next

a change in the seasons has me thinking a lot about seasons of life.  i am a planner.  yes, indeed.  and whenever i am able, i like to be prepared for what’s next.  131 more words