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Fingerprints are golden in the Forensic department. They are the individual passport for every person. Everyone has uniques fingerprints and there are a few basic ways in analysing the data that one can find in a fingerprint. 175 more words


7 Quick Takes Volume 16 (and BBQ for Theme Thursday)


Our faith community lost two beautiful souls this week, and much too soon.  Sarah was a young mom who was expecting her fifth child.  She was out in her backyard when she was stung by bees, had an allergic reaction, was rushed to the hospital, and now her husband and four children have had to say goodbye to her and their baby sister they never got to meet.   711 more words

A Victorian Meal from Sherlock’s Scandal by Suz deMello (#MFRWAuthor #Sherlock #spanking)

In Sherlock’s Scandal, Sherlock and Irene dine on roulades of salmon on braised greens, followed by a syllabub, and drank Champagne. Did I imagine a realistic meal? 560 more words

The Doctor and Sherlock are Mary Sues

This isn’t a Moffat hate post, but I have a complaint, and it’s with something Steven Moffat’s done… He’s turned Doctor Who and Sherlock into shows about Mary Sues. 968 more words

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Where has Emily been?

London, Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam to be exact!

This summer my parents decided to lead their students on an EF tour, an educational tour around Europe. 843 more words

EF Tours

The More You Holmes

From: ep. 2.2, 1.1

Event: Okay, let’s do two events that both show up in “The Blue Carbuncle,” shall we? I was reminded of these by the last MYH post here and a friend that is reading the story now. 151 more words


Sherlock Holmes Fans Invaded San Diego Central Library During SDCC! #SherlockeDCC

Sherlock Holmes Fans Invade San Diego Comic-Con With
Second Annual #SherlockeDCC Party

Party Sponsors Having Fun In The Sherlock-Themed Photo Booth

No BBC Sherlock panel at Comic Con this year?! 180 more words