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Dvě WTFčka z deviantartu

Nejčastěji si chodím pro fanfikce na fanfiction.net, ovšem když chci něco opravdu specifického, ptám se strejdy Googla. Ten mi na zadání “fever oc loki comfort” (protože když je mi špatně tak si ráda přečtu něco na ten způsob) vyhodil několik fanfikcí na třech různých stránkách. 507 more words

Recenze Na Fanfikce

John Watson is the most important character in SHERLOCK

Okay, so I know I said I was going to write about Portal 2, but I was re-watching some episodes from SHERLOCK today, and discovered something weird, and I had to write about it. 707 more words


Sherlock (BBC) - Happy 4th Anniversary to a British television triumph!

If we used the Doctor’s TARDIS and travelled back in time four years to 25 July 2010, we would find ourselves in a world in which the recognisable image of Sherlock Holmes was one of an older gentleman in Victorian London, driving through London in a Hackney cab through foggy streets. 549 more words


Comic-Con: Watch Benedict Cumberbatch talk Sherlock, 'Penguins' and more

Benedict Cumberbatch made his first trip to Comic-Con on Thursday with DreamWorks Animation’s “Penguins of Madagascar,” and after leaving the shrieks of Hall H, he stopped to chat with Hero Complex. 402 more words


John quote of the day

DAMN MY LEG!! Sorry. I’m so sorry. It’s just sometimes, this bloody thing…” – John Watson, A Study in Pink

Here’s a John Watson quote – yes why not shout DAMN MY LEG next time your leg hurts :)


So we saw this on Tumblr...


A set of GIFs that quite possibly made our lives.

However you pronounce it (gif, jif, g-i-f) this is a wonderful GIF set. If Loki, the Doctor, and Sherlock are all doing it… well, it’s got to be at least a little worth it. 8 more words

All Fandoms Unite!

Benedict Cumberbatch - graphite on rag paper

I have been itching to draw and/or paint this amazing actor, Benedict Cumberbatch. My mom picked the photo and it was a good choice. It shows his best features and incredible eyes. 150 more words