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@MissSherryVine Is An Industry Lady

Industry New York, not the corner… dirty minds. (Ok, we don’t know for sure, but out of respect, we’ll say no)

Drag Queen

The Golden Girlz Of Drag @JackieBeat, @MissSherryVine, @DrewDroege, & @jSamPancake

They sold out, but allegedly you can walk up to the ticket booth and get some spare tickets.

Golden Girlz DRAG EDITION With @SherryVine & @JackieBeat

Of course Jackie is Dorothy and Sherry’s playing Blanche.

CLICK HERE for more information and tickets to the show on August 22!

@MissSherryVine Talks About Her Drag Queen Denial

Surprisingly, she didn’t want to be a drag queen, but we’re glad she is!