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BBQ vegetables with sherry vinaigrette

This is one of my favorite ways to do vegetables. It’s quick, simple and hits every spot on my tast-o-meter.

Use any combination of vegetables. Right now I’m into radicchio, egg plant and zucchini. 129 more words


On our cookbook shelves: Momofuku and what I've learned from the book and the restaurant.

Remember how I mentioned that August had been a difficult month? Apparently the month wasn’t finished with us at that point, because last week came more less-than-pleasant news, albeit news that could prove to be good in the long run. 992 more words


Roasted Italian Eggplant with sherry vinegar and feta cheese.

The first feeling  it was we need to make a special dish with this beautiful organic little italian eggplants from the farms market. The sherry balsamic came to our mind. 84 more words


Serves 12

Comment: Gazpacho is pretty simple to make, just make sure that you have a nice bottle of sherry vinegar and some decent olive oil for this recipe to make it shine. 128 more words


Tomato Salad with Sizzled Chorizo Vinaigrette

Here is a ‘must-try’ salad for the end of summer, when tomatoes are succulent enough to warrant almost being a whole meal by themselves — but never fear, their lush ripeness is ably matched by enough else here that a substantial plateful is the result. 199 more words


Romesco (aka magic sauce)

Oh, how I love romesco. A pureed blend of roasted red pepper, tomato, garlic, toasted almonds, sherry vinegar and smoked paprika, this Spanish sauce has everything I love most: tang, sweet, salt + heat. 346 more words