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Year: 2012

Length: 116 Minutes

IMDB Rating: 7.3/10


In 1931, in Franklyn County, Virginia, Forrest Bondurant is a legend as immortal after surviving the war.

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The month of the Prophet

Although I’m not one to take part in, or consider such celebrations as a religious obligation. I find myself caught between feelings of Joy at his arrival, and feelings of distress at the dire state of the Muslim world today. 306 more words


Love-Muscles and Shia Labeouf

I recently read a blog that suggests we can learn a lot about our humanity based on our response to when tragedy strikes a celebrity. When Shia Labeouf claims that he was raped during an artistic performance, we refuse to take him seriously. 672 more words


The Devil You Know

By Nicole Calande, ’16

In US politics and foreign policy, is there any other state we love to hate as much as Iran? Not really. But this may have to change if the US wants to find a local ally ready and willing to commit in the fight against ISIL and other extremist or destabilizing elements in the Middle East in the future. 903 more words


Lewisville family flies traditional Islamic flag, threatened to have house burned down

A Muslim family in Lewisville, a town 25 miles north of Dallas, was threatened by a local man for having a traditional Islamic flag, calling for people to burn the house down. 311 more words


Sydney Cafe Siege Ends: Lone Gunman Identified as Man Haron Monis Pronounced Dead at Hospital, Along with 2 Hostages

Wall Street Journal: A siege that shut down a large part of central Sydney for more than 16 hours ended in bloodshed early Tuesday, after two hostages and their armed captor were killed when police stormed the cafe behind volleys of bullets. 270 more words


The real Islam

Ah yes, the real Islam – what might that be? Would we recognise it if we found it, and does it even exist?

Few of us would have thought it worth our while to enquire except for the fact that the followers of some versions of Islam have taken to blowing us up and chopping our heads off, quoting suspiciously plausible verses of the Koran as justification. 1,237 more words