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Spiritual Wayfaring in Islam

A beautiful read on Sayr wa Suluk (Spiritual Journeying and Nearness to God) in Islam. Please enjoy the article here:  Spiritual Wayfaring in the Words of Shiite Muslim Mystics.pdf


Author and Translator Yasin T. al-Jibouri

Al hamdu lilah! We at Yasin publications are overjoyed to announce that we have obtained the permission to publish works from Author and Translator Yasin T. 185 more words

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World's Largest Refugee Camp

What happens when you mix a Sunni/Shia conflict with Israeli attacks and over a million refuges? Lebanon!

That’s right, one of the world’s largest ‘refugee camps’ is constantly under threat  of civil and interstate war. 244 more words


Lebanon's FIRST Domestic Violence LAW...

Domestic violence against women is a contentious social issue in Lebanon. In spite of the fact that Lebanon is known as the most democratic country in the Middle East, … 290 more words

Lebanon: on the edge of the Syrian Civil War

Lebanon is a complex state, riddled with diverse political and religious factions. This secular yet fractured state has endured numerous adversities including 20 years of occupation by Israel and Syria and 15 years of bloody, multifaceted civil war. 618 more words

Voice of the Oppressed

Half way through the night when I can still taste my dreams, I turn on my flashlight and scribble words onto scraps of paper. My mind is racing with words that seem to come from somewhere deep inside of me. 103 more words


By Mehru Jaffer

The time spent abroad made me most aware of my Lucknowiyat more than any other decade in my life. Today exploring Lucknowiyat, or an entire way of life, excites me more than mere Muslimness, or religion that is only one part of my personality. 1,512 more words

Issue 7/Lucknow's Many Muslims