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Iraq conflict: Kurds 'recapture oilfields from IS'

Kurdish Peshmerga forces say they have retaken oilfields near Mosul in north Iraq from Islamic State (IS) militants.

The attack on the three Ain Zalah installations began on Thursday morning, they said, but the militants blew them all up as they retreated. 542 more words


Farce: UK Has Raised the Terror Threat Level From "Substantial" To "Severe"

This is rabble rousing. Get the people supportive of a war abroad by making them feel threatened at home. They are setting a pretext for war.  84 more words


the Language of Love

A short clip from the Islamic Sermon, the Art of Yearning for God, by Hajj Khalil Jaffer:


knowledge is better than wealth...

“Everything has its Tax,

and tax of knowledge is to teach it to others.”

Imam Ali


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Hallmarks of a Force Lead by Saddam's Men. ISIS a Sunni Caliphate in a Shia Sea Will They Try to Build?

ISIS has consolidated it’s position across Syria and Iraq even eliminating opposition groups with the same goals such as the FSA in Syria. With the fog of confusion lifted the reality remains whether any rapprochement is possible with Assad and the new Iraq Government. 671 more words

Temporary Marriage in Iran: Liberating or Exploitative for Women?

Iran is a nation of endless anachronisms and contradictions.

The country is run by mullahs with laws that favor men, but women are more educated and have more rights than those in many other Middle Eastern countries. 529 more words


More British Muslims fighing for Islamic extremists than the British Army

According to Khalid Mahmood, a British MP from Birmingham, England, there are more British Muslims fighting for Islamic State (IS) extremists in the Middle East than there are serving in the British army. 700 more words