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The #fireworkpeople Twitter chat

I discovered the #firework Twitter chat through She is Fierce and attended my first chat this past Tuesday. As someone who struggled with self-worth in the past, this chat made me feel amazing. 346 more words


Glamour Shot

“Here’s a photo of our 2 year old Shiba Inu Hana, posing in front of Lake Louise in Alberta. We drove across Canada together in just four days, and you can tell from her smile that this was obviously her favorite pit stop along the way! 20 more words

Maru, Mari, Cats, Dogs, Whatever

Time to take a Cute Inventory. First, we have Maru. THE Maru. But wait! There’s ANOTHER Maru- and this one is a Shiba Inu… 42 more words

"The meanest dog in Japan" returns with all new rejections 【Video】

They say dogs are a man’s best friend. Loyal, obedient and loving, dogs provide everlasting friendship no matter what sticky situations you find yourself in. But they also say that smothering anything with too much affection can cause it to want to break free from you. 218 more words


To my colorblind troubadour

It’s time now, my friend, to acknowledge the thirteenth anniversary of the day your last words were, allegedly, “Oh fuck!” The rest of the mythology of you after the fact is more than I can put into words in this forum. 619 more words


The Hank-Dog...See the Resemblance?

Maybe it’s because I love my cats so much that I notice things that remind me of them, but I swear I see resemblances of Hank in the very popular Shiba Inu dogs walking around the city.  117 more words

6 Week Pics

New pictures from the breeder! She is a few days shy of 7 weeks old in these pics. One and a half more weeks until we pick her up!

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