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Reverence and Irreverence

Can you tell the difference between someone who is being reverent and someone who is being irreverent?  I think they can mean somewhat the same thing.   388 more words

SHIFT Happens

A mini blog tour

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, authors are wonderful and supportive group of people.
Back in September, I did a blog tour for the release of my second novella, HEART SHIFTER. 98 more words

Charlotte Copper

An Independent Spirit

I have always thought of myself as independent.  Even when I was totally financial dependent on others, I imagined that I still had decision making power and control over how things would turn out.   287 more words

SHIFT Happens

A Happy Heart

“Happy, happy, happy, happy”  What makes you happy?

Research is showing the our thoughts control our moods.  In other words, if you think happy you feel happy.   307 more words

Building Your World: Technology (or: "Vulcans Don't Use Twitter")

Science fiction authors have a tough job.

There have been a bunch of breakthroughs lately in different tech sectors. These range from coding improvements to new technology that interfaces with the human body, to stuff that many people thought outright impossible. 1,461 more words

Writing Tips

The Shucker's Booktique

Hi Y’all, please give a warm round of applause to returning author J.C. McKenzie (cue applause!!) J.C. is one of the many wonderful authors contributing to The Wild Rose Press series of books, Lobster Cove. 1,156 more words

Charlotte Copper

Nouveau Plan

One of the things that kind of drives me crazy is the number of identities we have these days.  What I mean is that we have multiple email addresses and multiple phone numbers and multiple addresses that we send things to and live in from time to time.   369 more words