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Moving With The Shift

Everyday brings a new season, the question is are you recognizing the seasons and also understanding them? Many don’t see nor understand and if this is the case you will be swept away. 43 more words

Cha, Cha ...Changes!

Thank God for the young people because in them is our hope. And they are getting it.

Plant any land you have with flowers, trees a food. 197 more words

Slow Down


This chapter links with the ECHO posts. Same world, different place… Hope you like it. It’s a little long.

Stinging, cold rain and thunder clouded Ason’s senses as the bells tolled. 3,636 more words

M7-Class Solar Flare and Earthquake in Mexico

M7-Class Solar Flare and Earthquake in Mexico

Today there has been an strong M7-class solar flare. Below there is an image of this extreme ultraviolet flash. 142 more words

Shift Oh Shift

On crop dimulai, sistem kerja shift pun diberlakukan. Bagi gue, artinya sama dengan dimulainya kekacauan sistem metabolisme. Baru satu minggu ngeshift, jam tidur gue sudah gak jelas dan sistem pencernaan gue mengalami pergeseran waktu dari biasanya. 307 more words


The Shift of Focus from Dominance to Mergence

When looking back to the beginning of the semester, it is interesting to see how the topic of our class discussions has changed. The main umbrella from which we branched off of was Orientalism, and the idea of dominance. 400 more words