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I suddenly need to write. I am not sure what I need to write, but I am kind of searching with the words. In my brain was this feeling that I might have inspiration to write, but I couldn’t think about the topic. 403 more words


Growth Mindset

Yesterday I attended Edcamp London and went into a session about growth mindset.  Not knowing what this would entail, I was wondering if the topic was going to focus on the growth mindset of educators or students.   621 more words

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Written and shared by Daniel Pinizzotto. Daniel is a Math, Physics, and Computer Programming teacher; learning to step outside the box and trying to bring tech into the class more effectively. Follow him on Twitter: @mrpinizzotto (Featured Image Credit: Sergiu Bacioiu via Compfight cc)

A Strak Reality

Planet Earth desperately needs you and me to come together to stop the wholesale environmental carnage by governments, big business and greed. The almighty dollar is rapidly dismantling all eco systems and destroying our world.

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I am wearing a yellow dress (ZARA), blue flats (ShoeDazzle), and a blue bow (Claire’s).


Weekend Tip: I keep getting É instead of Question Mark

 Hitting a key and getting something you weren’t expecting is a very common and annoying problem.

With this issue, hitting CTRL+SHIFT (press CTRL first and while holding press SHIFT) will fix the issue, sometimes you will need to do this twice.

Cheers and Good Luck

Moving With The Shift

Everyday brings a new season, the question is are you recognizing the seasons and also understanding them? Many don’t see nor understand and if this is the case you will be swept away. 43 more words

Cha, Cha ...Changes!

Thank God for the young people because in them is our hope. And they are getting it.

Plant any land you have with flowers, trees and food. 215 more words

Slow Down