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We Can Do This - SHIFT

We can do this it is time for the rest of the shift in conscience awakening to take place. We are the mass not the less than 1%, the predators, WE ARE THE MASS. 16 more words

Mixed Bill 2014 - Phoenix Dance Theatre: Linbury Theatre Studio, Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London, 26 November 2014

Hmm, mixed indeed

Three sets of choreographers found their way onto Phoenix Dance Theatre’s new mixed bill: Christopher Bruce, Ivgi & Greben and Darshan Singh Bhuller… 481 more words


To Shift or Not To Shift Goes Viral Again

The thing that’s so great about the internet is that things are forever there, and they can always be rediscovered. This can also make the internet scary, but with regard to my recent experience, it’s the happy discovery. 237 more words


Paris Happened, I'm Back to Reality, Shits Getting Real.

Paris was everything anyone has ever said about Paris, that’s why people love it, it’s a sure thing. I’m not saying that in a bad way, it was romantic and fairytale like. 1,013 more words

December 3rd FREE Web Event - Build an enlightened business!

On Wednesday, December 3, the founder of The Shift Network, Stephen Dinan, will host the FREE Web event, “The 6 Foundations for Building a Sacred Business”.  117 more words



Red light behind me
Broken hubcap in the road
Weight shift and swivel