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tech distracts us

Technology can really help us and be a great tool for our spiritual development. It can also be a huge stumbling block to it.

Tim Keller is an astute cultural analyst and knows how to apply ancient practices of Bible reading and prayer today. 27 more words



First let me introduce you to the pack. We are a European based Pack called Outcast Pack. We are all people with our own personalities but we all have one thing in common. 119 more words


how not to be the walking dead

October is a symbolic month to me — it exudes significant change. Fall becomes evident with pumpkins, changing leaves, longer shadows, and more dark hours in the day. 619 more words

Can 4-on 4-off be a boon to hackers? Investigation from the one man no one asked...

4 days off.  Sounds like mana from heaven, doesn’t it?  One day to crash, one day for gym, two days for anything from hyperactive, sucrose-fueled making of things to being so horrendously lazy you run the risk of turning into a cow in the rain.   1,152 more words


Day 112: Ever The Disappointment

Today has been disappointing to say the least. 

I finished work an hour late this morning, only leaving the building just after 8AM. It was about nine O’clock when I finally got to sleep, and my excitement for the pillow meant I forgot to set an alarm. 395 more words


drifting off
lost notes to small fires
morning shifts

Thought for the day ......

Good Morning and Welcome to Sunday the 19th day of October, 2014.

It is another gorgeous morning here in Edmonton.

The temperature here yesterday was 21 degrees celsius …. 199 more words

Thought For The Day