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On The Hunt: Graduation Wear

With graduation coming up in a few weeks (can’t believe it!), I have been searching high and low for the perfect outfits to celebrate in.  In full disclosure, I have already bought a few items including this fantastic… 237 more words

Pluto Retrograde

Pluto turned Retrograde today. Do you know how long that takes? As long as it takes you to change your mind! ah-ha! Quite some time! … 612 more words


how could one predict? #prayForTheOrphans

Months ago Victor Yanukovych now the hiding-in-Russia former strongman in Ukraine turned down a financial deal with the EU. Why? Tsar Vladimir (a.k.a. Comrade Putin, KGB agent) probably told him to. 774 more words



Most times couples try to run alternate shifts so that they could both spend with heir children separately, ignoring the truth that they need to spend more time with each other as it would even afford them a common ground to look into and discuss the children’s affairs. 181 more words

right turn, march

And so most of the Hungarian electorate did yesterday. The BBC describes the situation and the results HERE. Some papers blame the Socialist’s ineptitude. No matter. 110 more words


Changing the study field during PhD

Can it be ?

Of course, n…yes. It sounds quite challenging but still bears a huge risks whilst opening a new page with a PhD study. 383 more words


“We don’t want to be Russians"

From The Economist:

“We don’t want to be Russians, we want to be Ukrainians,” he said, sitting in a room of brightly coloured bunk-beds. He and his wife had moved to Crimea in 1992 from Uzbekistan, where their parents had been sent during Stalin’s deportation of the Crimean Tatars in 1944. 66 more words