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the farmwives kitchen: fruits of the rain

I love kale.  There’s no way I could live like this and not love it.  But this is the time of year that I yearn for something else.  342 more words

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Japanese curry is a pretty big deal. Curry is regularly lauded as the most popular dish in Japan, and although it’s easy to get Japanese curry cubes or some other pre-packaged concoction, few have the balls to make a roux from scratch and really take on this legendary dish. 602 more words

shiitake, miso and ginger broth with soba noodles

Have you heard the saying, healthy gut, healthy life? You might not, because I just made it up. Or it might exist, who knows, but its absolutely, without a doubt, TRUE. 467 more words

Gina's Cabbage and Beef Miso Soup

This soup has a deliciously interesting flavor.  It has the comforting richness of beef, the sweetness of cabbage and the mild saltiness of miso.  It contains many of the 5 elements of the Chinese philosophy (energy fields), so it brings a very well balanced meal to the table.   321 more words

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