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LivinGreens @ Rangoon Road

I have always thought that Rangoon Road sounds a lot more exotic – a lot more interesting, perhaps – than it really is. It conjures images of an outpost, of empire, of a nexus of both time and space. 732 more words


Chinese Egg and Mushroom Soup

If you have good stock, you’ve got the keys to the Kingdom sat in your fridge or freezer.

The stock I usually make is based on a recipe I found in the first Chinese cookbook I bought way back in the 90s. 562 more words


Choi sum with shiitake mushrooms

Item: Choi sum with shiitake mushrooms
Date: May 8, 2013
Location: Bordeaux, France

I really love shiitake mushrooms. It is so yummy and there are such versatile ways to combine it with other foods, especially vegetables. 36 more words


Malicious Mushroom

Watch out for allergies when studying abroad. Make sure to bring all necessary medications, with a Yakkan Shoumei if need be (certificate that allows you to bring more than one month’s supply of prescription medication into Japan). 743 more words


Scallion + Shiitake Mushroom Frittata

Sometimes you need to start with something simple in order to work back toward things that are a bit more complicated. Particularly when things get a bit chaotic, small, and simple steps can help craft a more manageable path forward. 605 more words


Sino-Thai Chicken and Mushrooms

Mrs. Paleovirtus was on sick-leave yesterday, with flu-type symptoms, and a temperature.

As late afternoon prepared to hand over to early evening, I too started to feel a bit off. 498 more words


Stir-fried chicken and pak choi in oyster sauce

I’ve been trying to eat more healthy (mainly because I’m still recovering from the Weekend of Food 2014!), which is why I haven’t been posting a lot of new recipes lately. 443 more words